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  1. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    I fully expect mine to be loud-ish when I pick it up because it’ll have no bedliner, no tonneau cover and it’ll be rolling on the comical pirelli’s from the FX4 package, likely overfilled with air too. Hopefully getting the spray in liner and tonneau cover done right away will make a...
  2. Maverick window sticker

    Its 11/24/2021 for the blend date, it’s the last six digits below where it says special order.
  3. First Year Model

    Third time is the charm for me! Previously had a 2001 Civic Ex coupe manual and a 2012 Camry LE, both were bought used. I absolutely hated the Camry despite it being a nice car with low mileage and the Civic I liked but it was 1 foot in the grave so it didn’t last more than a couple of months...
  4. Family-use review of Ford Maverick (Micah Drives)

    Happy to see this type of review as well since I’m really buying this truck for my family also. Looks like it’s comfortable for kids, car seats fit decently, and the room inside looks good. I like the fact the seats are more upright too, I have had to use pads and towels in my 4Runner and...
  5. Tundra Hybrid over Maverick?

    Nope. To me, the Tundra should just bow out of the market entirely because that 5.7 iForce V8 made that truck and I’ll be sad to see it go. I get emissions standards but anyone I know that bought one....bought it because a 5.0 F150 or a nice v8 or diesel F250 was too expensive in...
  6. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    Ordered it on mine along with the rear sliding window. I’ll use it a ton, I’m not a windows up/AC on type person as I usually drive with the windows down as much as I can. I liked having a sunroof in the winter too because it lets more light in which is nice in the colder months. Much prefer...
  7. It's not the Maverick I ordered, but it is the one I bought

    Nice truck and don’t blame you at all for not waiting, I only held out because I had a build date and my truck is built now. Looks good in black and I can’t wait to try out the auto braking myself also!
  8. I ordered a Jeep 4xe today

    A Wrangler is absolutely worth owning, I had one for 8 years myself and loved it! For me, it was like being on an awesome vacation and I wouldn’t trade the time I owned my Wrangler for anything in the world. “Jeep life” crap with the stickers and ducks is totally lame to me and I never got into...
  9. Greediest Maverick Dealerships in the US - ADM Markup List

    Not a Maverick but I found this browsing another forum I’m on, this was a new RAV4 Prime that was on sale today. Looks like an Oakland, California dealership. I get it’s the “cool” one but Shelby GT500 money cool lol?
  10. Got my latest email. Built and awaiting shipment.

    Boom! I thought for sure I would be delayed but got the email today! Oddly the tracker doesn’t say built yet but it may be updated next week. Went into production on 11/10, 11/15 build week.
  11. What vehicle should I buy?

    I’m going for the below, it’ll work just fine on longer drives if I or the family gets hungry.
  12. How long has your Maverick been "in production?"

    Since 11/10, ecoboost xlt awd. I’m betting the options it has will slow it down, such as the rear window, sunroof and copilot 360...maybe even the FX4 package too.
  13. I used to have a Window Sticker ... not anymore ... anyone else experiencing this?

    It may be longer than that, my sticker wasn’t available until 5 days prior to my scheduled build week of 11/15. So I think your really looking at January until it’s available unless you already had it prior, such as a hybrid order previously in production that’s being held now.
  14. I used to have a Window Sticker ... not anymore ... anyone else experiencing this?

    Window sticker is back for me, I didn’t see any noticeable changes to it. My modules are not populating and it still says in production, hoping it’s built before thanksgiving!
  15. Would you Flip your Mav?

    “A fool and his money are soon parted ways.” Look around. These are hard times. I’m wondering how many dealerships are going to survive until 2022 at this point because selling ecosports doesn’t pay the bills. My Toyota dealership will not stop hounding me for a simple tire rotation my 4Runner...
  16. I used to have a Window Sticker ... not anymore ... anyone else experiencing this?

    Yep my Window Sticker disappeared today, it was available since last Wednesday 11/10 when I went into production. Originally a 11/1 build date, moved to 11/8 then to 11/15. I have not received a built email yet, my modules are not on and my dealership could only tell me it’s in production...
  17. Production status this week?

    I went through the tracker, strangely now the window sticker isn’t coming up despite still saying in production and the order tracker on this forum isn’t working to pull up my vin at all. Hopefully they are just updating the tracking system so maybe your sticker is there and just not showing today?
  18. Production status this week?

    I think you got bumped, I had my window sticker on 11/10 and been in production since. On Monday 11/15 the tracker didn’t work for me but other than that it’s been consistently showing in production. My original production date was 11/1 which was moved to 11/8 and then moved again to 11/15.
  19. Window Tint Costs

    Yeah 249 is overpriced in my opinion. You can find specialty shops, detailers and more that will do it much cheaper. Best I have seen is $35 per window, highest I paid was $75 per window. Did my mustang last year for $150 plus tax for 35% all around with quality tint. For me, I’ll just do it...
  20. When should I expect delivery???

    Nice - Mine went into production on 11/10 but hasn’t been built yet, what options did you order with yours?