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  1. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    IMO, it will hold it's value. I think the medicinal parts if the hybrid have potential to last longer and cost less to own than the EB parts. That being said, will it hold value? 🤷‍♂️ Time will tell. Any similar vehicles to compare it to? Maybe you could find a used FWD escape? although, right...
  2. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    I'm still waiting for the official numbers to post on
  3. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    Oh, I've had my card for a while, now.
  4. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    Agree. And if you need more towing, go for it. And if you need AWD, go for it. And if you don't want the eCVT, go for it. For me, and apparently a few others, the stuff I just mentioned doesn't matter and 3-12 MPG difference is significant. That said, I'm not here to yuck someone else's yum...
  5. Maverick Tailgate Lettering in Polished Stainless Steel Are Actual Metal - Real Life Installed Look

    Did this make it harder to clean? I would think dirt worried gather in the cracks, but don't know, really.
  6. Hybrid Maverick drag races vs F-150 Hybrid and Bronco 2.7L V6 [TFL]

    Doesn't more power/torque win out on a 0-60 run?
  7. TFL Video - Maverick vs Santa Cruz

    I think they're right on the lower priced models. Maverick, hands down. On the higher priced it's more of a toss up or maybe just a matter of preference. Can't wait to see the AWD Maverick, too. I saw their Santa Cruz off road video and the Santa Cruz performed like a piece of Santa crap...