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  1. I need help with the Cleat Tie Down Kit C

    I just worked with the dealer on same change I sent these based on various other threads. Add Spray In Bedliner (96G) $495 and Cleat Tie Down Jit C (61D) $225 this will hopefully add a -$225 discount for the Package. The Order sheet will show for the cleat system ‘6 D-LINK BED CONNECTORS’...
  2. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    I going to try a different configuration. I removed the hitch before Christmas and had a bare bones XL Hybrid with drop in bed liner priority 10 first day orders. I just tried to remove the bed liner but dealer said if he removed the order switched to bed tray and could not get the system to...
  3. Dropped the hitch!

    Yes unfortunately cannot do much apart from change the Trim and the Dealer suggested I did not make the change. I have a first day order with a Priority 10 and dealer has allocations.
  4. Dropped the hitch!

    Good luck unfortunately did not help my order however the XL/Hybrid possible having as much impact.
  5. My salesman hit me up this morning

    Took off my hitch last year but has made no impact. I have a XL Hybrid with Drop in Bed Liner Priority 10 order on the first day one of the first orders and dealer has allocations however no luck in scheduling. I going to ask the dealer to add CP360 as something I really like they said in the...
  6. Clean-Up Scheduling for week of 1/26/23

    I am sure this will not be what occurs, Seems that last few weeks not been accurate. :)
  7. Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    I am wondering the same with the Federal and California Rebate this would make the Bolt EV a very reasonable new car along with also free home wiring. However there is an issue on finding one. Also I think the Maverick will still be much better for my needs the Bolt really has small cargo space...
  8. Wait for Maverick or Get a Used CPO VW Tiguan

    Thank you everyone will wait for the Maverick and only look at other options if the MY23 does not work out.
  9. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Post if you received your 2023 Maverick scheduled for production confirmation & VIN today Oct 28!

    Any Idea how late the emails normally come in for or is likely scheduling for this week is complete.
  10. ⏰ 2023 Maverick Scheduling Next Week (10/24) For Production Build Weeks 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12

    Things seem to change each day so think overthinking what the strategy is just is pointless and no one seems to know what the actual plan is. Hopefully Ford do and will get a start on getting the MY23 out. I keep getting concerned that they not deliver however they are making 8-10,000 a month so...
  11. Wait for Maverick or Get a Used CPO VW Tiguan

    I have followed the Maverick since the start and regret not ordering one last year however an order of 2023 XL (Hybrid with Tow Hitch, Drop In bed Liner, Atlas Blue) which seems to be perfect for my needs for the family needs and allows me a fun and economical way to support my scuba diving...
  12. California Bronco Sport Wheels + Tires $600

    Hi are these still available?
  13. ⚠️XL- Atlas Blue - ordering issues resolved⚠️

    Thank you worked for me also. Now I hope I made the correct call to switch back