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  1. 📬 2/2/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    At least your dealer gives you their order and allocation numbers. My MY22 dealer will not give me either. Allocations are allotted each month so your dealer should get some more next week. Chances are in your favor you will get scheduled this year but it may not be soon. I know how...
  2. Farley says two row ICE crossovers going away

    The US EV tax credit applies to most who pays federal income tax. But, lower income people can not take full advantage of the $7500 credit since they usually don't pay the full $7500 in federal taxes in a year and the credit can not be rolled over to the next year.
  3. Wait entering Month 16 ....... What am I doing wrong?

    All they would have to do is see which ones have the private offer. Then set their priority to 3 and leave the 22 orders with VIN at priority 2. But Ford does not care to do the right thing.
  4. What should Ford change on the 2023 / 2024 Maverick

    Pro Power Onboard Generator for the Mav Hybrid like the F150 Hybrid.
  5. What’s your EV coach “blue bar” length?

    Think of it as an electric power available meter. When you are stopped or going very slow the motor can produce a lot of torque but not as much power as when the vehicle is moving a bit faster.
  6. Wimpy US Tow Ratings

    And you think Europe has all good drivers? Have you not watched YouTube?
  7. 📬 2/2/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    How many allocations has your dealer had? How many 22 orders with VIN which were given a priority of 2?
  8. Farley says two row ICE crossovers going away

    FORD CEO FARLEY SAYS TWO ROW ICE CROSSOVERS GOING AWAY We knew the Edge was going away and there were rumors about the Escape But what does he mean by this? Is he including Hybrids and Plugin-Hybrids since they have an ICE? What about the Escape and Bronco Sport? Will they be electric only...
  9. How far have you pushed your Hybrid system with amplifiers?

    With key on, you have tons of power. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/hybrid-12v-battery-relocation.25460/post-478862
  10. Ford CEO Jim Farley on FOX this morning

    Actually not for the Mach-E. Ford was losing money last year https://www.carsdirect.com/automotive-news/green-technology/ford-now-losing-money-on-every-mach-e And they have had to lower their price recently to try and keep up with Tesla's $13,000 price cut...
  11. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    I ordered from a different dealer but was able to get my number from Ford support way back last year when my order was "balanced out". The format followed what's given in this post. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/private-offer-concern.24646/post-462360
  12. Has anyone seen this???? OEM spray in bed liner to no bed liner??

    I wonder if Ford has a part number for it. For repair purposes.
  13. 📈 Maverick January 2023 Sales & Production: 6,272 Sold / 8,694 Produced

    @commadorebob No, allocation is calculated month to month and can not be calculated until the current months sales numbers are in.
  14. 🗓️ Maverick scheduling on 2/2/23 for production weeks through 3/27 (+ Current Constraints List)

    Glad you caught that. The year in the top row was included in the total. :D Fixed now. Looks like 85% US sales
  15. 🗓️ Maverick scheduling on 2/2/23 for production weeks through 3/27 (+ Current Constraints List)

    @commadorebob A few suggestions to make your projection more accurate. The Ford announced number of 77,800 orders is for United States only. It should include US fleet orders but not orders outside the US (Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina). The VIN numbers are for all vehicles...