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  1. Dog approved? 🐕 How does your pup like your Maverick?

    How's this working out? I was considering this also.
  2. Not happy with Line-X tailgate job

    Ah ok - that makes sense. Thanks for the update.
  3. Not happy with Line-X tailgate job

    Did they spray over these access points? I don't even know what those are but I would have thought they would be left accessible.
  4. Front recovery hooks - Non-FX4

    I've never had to recover a vehicle, and I hope I never do, but reading over this I realize I'm completely unaware of what would be on the end of a chain, cable, or tow strap other than a metal hook. What is supposed to connect the winching holes if not a metal hook of some sort?
  5. Smart liner / HYBRID floor mats unboxing

    I'm assuming you don't mean this thing... Did they once sell a bare-metal cabin floor with rubber liners?
  6. Not happy with Line-X tailgate job

    I'm now quite curious whether this is consistent with the factory SIBL procedure.
  7. The long arm of the . . . Hybrid and EV road tax fees likely coming to you. [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I laughed perhaps a bit more than most people would consider appropriate after reading this a few times. Whether intentional or not - thank you for this delightful one liner! :ROFLMAO:
  8. The long arm of the . . . Hybrid and EV road tax fees likely coming to you. [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Tax the vehicle type... tax the tires... tax the mileage... tax the electricity/gas/hydrogen/nuclear fuel... tax the weight, the number of times a trailer was pulled, how heavily loaded the vehicle was on days when it was snowy, the temperature at which the cabin climate was set, how many times...
  9. A.R.E. V-Series Bed Cap installed!

    To me a body color cap can look nice but it also kinda looks like the truck is masquerading as an SUV. I like how the contrasting color showcases the fact that you're driving a truck. Looks good!
  10. MY23 EPA city MPG reduction?

    Really just a curiosity question here: It looks like the EPA dropped the city MPG to 40 for MY23 down from 42 in MY22. Any ideas as to why? Was there a change in testing procedure, or some kind of update to the vehicle that caused this reduction, or perhaps just retested and 2 mpg is within...
  11. Totally Bonehead Move

    best I can tell there's a sick Maverick out there and these fine folks are nursing it back to health..??
  12. Are Hybrids a Constraint Anymore?

    One contributing factor could be that ever since the 65/35 EB/hybrid allocation was contrasted with the 28/72 EB/hybrid actual order volume, the order holding customers have had very different behaviors towards weekly emails based on the powertrain they ordered. If you're holding an EB order...
  13. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Where does this insight come from? Are we keeping track of dealer builds somewhere?
  14. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    I agree. I also think that if you can get two profits: one high margin and one with any margin you'll come out even further ahead which shareholders would appreciate. It's similar to planned obsolescence in the sense that the company is earning some profit from you today while also leaving...
  15. Decision to make: Line-X or factory SIBL with tie-downs? Same cost.

    Oh wow I hadn't noticed that and it's really good to know. Not sure if our local shop will get that area but worth checking on. Thanks!
  16. Decision to make: Line-X or factory SIBL with tie-downs? Same cost.

    If I knew which of these would get the truck here faster that would settle it. Without a crystal ball, though, it sounds like there are no bad options here. Appreciate the feedback @OleFordGuy, @SkeeterB, & @Hillbilly.
  17. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    Trims aside - the hybrid lack of AWD decision actually makes some sense. Why should Ford sell you one vehicle now when they see an opportunity to sell you one now and another one later? Until there's another hybrid compact truck on the market, there's no need to offer something more competitive...
  18. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    Ford probably just recognizes there's a greater chance of these "formerly hybrid" customers changing their mind and going back to hybrids if things ever start looking up for the supply chain. Moving the order into production ASAP seems like just a risk mitigation strategy for Ford and in that...