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  1. Mothercuddler! Truck is likely a write-off from being rear-ended

    My theory is people are so used to full sized trucks they think the Maverick is farther away and aren't hitting their brakes soon enough. Maybe we need "Object in your windshield is closer than it appears" bumper stickers.
  2. Full front PPF price?

    I was in my way to the grocery store to buy a dozen eggs and wasn't sure a $50 would cover it
  3. Full front PPF price?

    Mine has film from Suntek. Ive been doing PPF for over 20 years and Suntek makes the best film in my opinion. It holds up extremely well and also the easiest film to remove when its time to get replaced. The picture on the gray car is on my wife's Infiniti and its nine years old so you can...
  4. Keyless Entry Keypad removal DIY how-to instructions

    I'd like to replace mine with hidden numbers that light up when you touch them like on the Explorer
  5. Most Important Mods?

    I installed paint protection film on the truck before I even took it home. I feel like all those other things could get done anytime.
  6. Patriot Ceramics is coming to TX-KS-OK for ceramic coatings tour

    Oh I get it with dealerships. There was a time when they valued quality vender workmanship. High quality products that would outlast its warranty period and beyond. Now most don't care about how long a product lasts or negative long term issues, its short term profit and perceived value...
  7. Patriot Ceramics is coming to TX-KS-OK for ceramic coatings tour

    Good luck on this. I did the same thing with PPF twenty odd years ago when the market was new and there were very few installers nationwide. I thought it was a great idea at first but soon found out it was better to concentrate on the local market. Doing mobile work meant I had to work in the...
  8. FX4 Owners Who Have Unlocked Sport Mode

    I would be interested in how much I could increase mpg in eco mode vs. my normal snail's pace. I drive like I have a cup of piss on the dashboard so I don't think eco mode can beat me.
  9. My dealer claims there's a recall on my Maverick and he can't sell it

    If you can access it from the Ford Pass, have the horn blast every few minutes in the middle of the night, ever night until the new owner takes it back to the dealership to get fixed.
  10. Ford Maverick windshield and dash rattle

    Just use that all the time then.
  11. Ford Maverick windshield and dash rattle

    Mine doesn't have any squeaks or rattles. Once I "moved in" as far as all the things I have in the side pockets and cubbies, those things make noises over bumps and stuff. My daughter's Accord had a buzz vibration that 3 trips to the dealer couldn't fix. I took a business card and wedged it...
  12. How many Maverick "Could" have been ordered?

    86,000 orders were placed during the one week the banks were open. I was wondering how many orders could Ford have gotten if they never closed the banks. Yeah, yeah, I know they can't build the ones that are already ordered, but at least we would know just how popular the truck is.
  13. My Lariat was rear-ended on the way to work. Devastated

    Maybe because the Maverick is smaller than most trucks, people think its farther away and hit the brakes too late.
  14. Ramp Recommendations for Oil Changes

    I also like the Race Ramps. Those plastic one just slide forward when you try to drive up them.
  15. Couldn’t wait on Ford any longer..

    More like settled for one. It's not a vehicle anyone would buy a poster of to hang in their room when they were little hoping to someday be successful enough to afford one.
  16. Bait and switch

    The 2023 Lariat has AWD as standard equipment, the front wheel drive XL and XLT hybrid and ecoboosts are the same price.
  17. Tired of People Bashing Ford over Delays

    That's why the NOBODYS are complaining. ANYBODY doing a five minute google search of Ford's recent history would have noticed the two year plus waiting times for Bronco deliveries. The Bronco is not in a class by itself so there are many options to shop elsewhere. The Maverick is in a class...