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  1. XLT 2.0 ecoboost hot rubber smell

    Again today used my app and when I got in could smell it , I did try the remote start using the remote and nothing . Crazy I’m not worried about it , you guys shouldn’t be either but it is weird.
  2. Poor fuel mileage

    I get 25.1 mpg AWD so 28 I wouldn’t bitch it’s a truck .
  3. XLT 2.0 ecoboost hot rubber smell

    Used my app remote start today and noticed a rubber burning smell just checked this site and see you guys smell it too wow I didn’t think nothing of it till now. I’m a mechanic with a lot of dealer access,I’ll try to see if it’s a common ford issue and if they have a TSB or reflash for it.
  4. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I put $100 bucks down guess it depends on dealer and trust.
  5. Dang, Carmax!

    You would lose, good choice I’ve been watching these since I ordered mine and it’s crazy . But people want them and don’t care about the price even though it’s never gonna be worth what they’re paying.
  6. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    For 5 grand over might be able to find something used and better
  7. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I feel horrible for you , that’s bullshit my dealer called me every other month and my Maverick took 13 months, price never changed a penny from my print out , they would even call me to say they had no idea but your on our list still. Miller Motors WI Small dealer but that’s family owned...
  8. Bed mat and backflip midgate on a budget - my custom DIY solution 🪚

    Great set up been trying to think of something, shit always ends up in the front of the bed drives me crazy.
  9. Out of line!

    They asked me to remove my luxury package, tonneau cover and spray bed , I said no , added like 4 more months but worth it, I want what I want that’s why I built it.
  10. Dang, Carmax!

    I bet half those 48 are gone in a week.I work at a huge used car dealer rhymes with jar fax and these things are gone fast.
  11. Interior Drenched

    In the shop when we get a water leak car we let the car run heat on high and close all windows but crack one rear a couple inches and just leave it for hours.
  12. Thoughts on this pricing at dealer?

    Probably $800 in tax, 75 for plates and whatever fees , I’d add a grand total.
  13. My Thoughts on MSRP

    I ordered mine took 13 months price never changed, I could have driven it straight to Carmax and made 6-8 grand but after waiting 13months wasn’t even a thought. As for the Maverick on resell in the future you have to remember this is a very cheap truck , hard plastic panels , small motor...
  14. Dang, Carmax!

    It’s all about supply and demand, I sold my 2018 F150 in 2020 when the car market went crazy and I paid 43k , 2 years later I got 40k for it , that never happens ever. That’s why dealers are marking new cars up 5-10 grand.
  15. Previous vehicle before your Maverick?

    2018 F150 5.0 on 24’s , great truck just didn’t tow stuff , A plus with the Maverick is it fit’s in the garage better.
  16. Spray in Bedliner Prices in Florida

    6-7 hundred is pretty normal, mine came with the spray bed and I wish it didn’t after I saw it. Line X takes the tailgate off and sprays in between the bed and tailgate where all the shit falls and scratches everywhere, Ford didn’t so this spring I’m gonna have to fix it myself . Will post pics...
  17. Pics: Area 51 Maverick XLT w/ Black Appearance Package (BAP)

    Me I’d rather customize it myself so it’s 1 of 1 , my Maverick is just getting started. Area 51 on 22’s will wrap hood and roof in black next , already tinted lights and added Raptor lights, custom stereo done,
  18. Hoel wiring?

    I have a Hoel harness kit was $250 and worth every penny, I first started calling plugnplay the guy was kind of an asshole trying to sell me his Kicker harness when I’ve been in CarAudio longer then him and told him what I want. Not dissing Kicker but not in my ride. After that got in contact...