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  1. Atlas blue Live Photos. 2023

    It would be cool to see velocity, alto, and atlas blues side by side
  2. Virginia production

    Your getting there. For me, last October, production to built was very quick. About a month for shipping.
  3. Virginia production

    Is this your build date? They seem to be moving a little faster now than last fall when mine was done.
  4. Finally Arrived Just Under 15 Months Later!!!

    Congratulations! Enjoy your ride!
  5. ActiveX Seats -- How to clean / care / maintain in the Maverick

    Great info, thanks. I wonder if that goes for the steering wheel?
  6. 5 months since I ordered and still not able to add any packages

    I'd say next thing you know your dealership will be calling
  7. 5 months since I ordered and still not able to add any packages

    I was 12 months till a build date, 408 days from order to picked up date. I envy the 2023 order folks as it looks like the wait is about half or better than us 2022 orders
  8. Va. Maverick Meet

    Glad to hear. Looking forward to my 1st meet up!
  9. Worst Maverick Wreck I've Seen Yet....

    Looks like the speedometer is stopped on near 60 mph in one of the pics
  10. Va. Maverick Meet

    Congrats,,, Im ready for a meet up with all you on here soon!
  11. Anyone install the Ford hood decal?

    Best of luck with your health! I'm not a paint guy, not sure what is best?
  12. Anyone install the Ford hood decal?

    I have the first edition decal. If it goes bad, Im doing a scoop.
  13. Anyone install the Ford hood decal?

    Maybe black out the intake part for a functional look?
  14. Anyone install the Ford hood decal?

    I would do Fords hood scoop instead of a sticker.
  15. Maverick vs Ranger (Tremor) side by side comparison

    Looked like he might need to go to the bathroom, the way he was rocking side to side...
  16. Lariat Owners: Was It Worth The Extra $$?

    I love my extras!!! Though,,, For the extra money I wish the passenger seat was power, maybe power folding mirrors, and auto dimming mirrors even my stripped down F-250 has that... 2 months ownership today,,, enjoy!!!
  17. What's your opinion?

    Crazy stuff. Looked like the guy who started this thread ordered early on. I ordered 10-02-21 delivered 11-12-22. No deposits or mark ups. Enjoying my ride.
  18. What's your opinion?

    I wonder why Ford has a supposed rebate for him but not everyone else I know that bought a Maverick? And I got my FE at original price, no mark up. I'm confused but feeling glad about my deal