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  1. 📈 Maverick January 2023 Sales & Production: 6,272 Sold / 8,694 Produced

    Ford is beginning to flood the market with bronco sports. Sales have dropped off and inventory rapidly building. A shift towards Maverick production (hopefully)?
  2. 🗓️ Maverick scheduling on 2/2/23 for production weeks through 3/27 (+ Current Constraints List)

    Unlikely, inventory on BS is building significantly. My Dec 22 order is already scheduled for this month. Dealer discounting on MSRP already starting. Granger has 23 BS in their inventory, the most of any other Ford model. All under MSRP. Perhaps there will be more Mavs running on the BS...
  3. '23 granger rollover thread

    Congrats! Were these both rollovers? Did the private offer come through ok?
  4. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    300 sounds about right. Most have been delivered. Zach indicated in the rollover thread that there were 45 left unscheduled. I'm hoping Ford's allocation formula will start to ramp up for Granger.
  5. '23 granger rollover thread

    Thanks Zach for the update. 45 orders not a huge number compared to some dealers. Am hoping you will be rewarded with lots of dealer stock this year.
  6. '23 granger rollover thread

    well a few rollovers got scheduled today. It sounds like the bumped '22 VIN vehicles have been worked through, and it is the non-VIN rollovers getting scheduled. Still doesn't appear that any '23 Granger Mavs have been delivered?? Just a boatload of late '22's to this point??
  7. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    Same boat as you, today is my 1 year anniversary on my order date. My order XLT/Hybrid/LUX/CP360 etc. Was EB, I converted to Hybrid. A Jan 10, 2022 Granger hybrid order got picked. Samantha told that person on Monday that there were 10 ahead. Hang in there. Nothing we can do about it.
  8. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    it's been said 500 times already, but needs repeating. It is totally ridiculous that a new hybrid order would get scheduled sooner than a 2022 hybrid order that has been waiting 14 months. Allocations or not, this is just bad management. Sheesh. I'm floored, really.
  9. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Hey, that's awesome! My Granger EB was ordered 1/26/2022 and I also switched to Hybrid. I'm super pumped for you. What was your PC, if you knew it?
  10. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    A rollover should make it a '23? Was yours the first '23 delivered?
  11. Clean-Up Scheduling for week of 1/26/23

    It's possible they could speed up the line for fleet orders, but not likely as that could disrupt how fast some common tasks need to be performed, eg paint booths, doors, engines, etc. More likely that they just reduce worker numbers for basic fleet vehicles by not having a requirement for...
  12. Clean-Up Scheduling for week of 1/26/23

    Yes, there will be a number where that tips the balance. However, if the line has been bogged down for hours on a large fleet order, that's still a poor move when there are multiple high end customer orders that could have been built during the same time period. At the end of the day, it gets...
  13. 3rd production shift being added for Maverick assembly at Hermosillo plant in July!

    this third shift could easily be needed if Ford introduces a "wow" model '24, orders starting this summer. Something like an AWD hybrid or a PHEV. This last one almost a given, we saw the spy shots last year.
  14. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    well...bit quiet lately. Any Granger orders delivered as MY '23's yet? My rollover '22 still unscheduled, I see other Granger rollovers scheduled this month, all '23's.
  15. Farm Bureau Ford Offer Updated

    It's really annoying, I tried for weeks until I found the secret formula. Take dash out. Be sure to use the zip you signed up with. And take out any pop up blocker that is running.
  16. Bed Package Discount being added to rollover orders?!

    So the adjusted order that came to you showing "10" is the dealer order. The dealer cannot put a "2" in as a priority code, that is a Ford-only number showing that your vehicle build has been selected from the dealer's list and also has an allocation. No worries, you are not impacted in...
  17. SIBL & Cleat Tie Down Kit C...

    This is the big constraint that you eliminated. SIBL and Cleats were undersubscribed, not much weight in getting picked vs the EB change. Dealer allocations and '23 order numbers for a particular dealer appear to be biggest issues right now. Congrats! My order 1/26/22 still unscheduled.
  18. '23 granger rollover thread

    The '23 order is a new order date. The Jan 22 order date and mid Sept order dates are the same '22 Farm Bureau certificate. It will be interesting to see how much trouble our group has with the PCO. It looked to me like Granger did everything correctly to keep us visible and eligible in...
  19. '23 granger rollover thread

    I inquired about that on dedicated threads, it's actually the order date that counts, not the delivery date. Yea, I know the language on the flyer, it says "take delivery by...." but I was assured it was the actual order date for those placing orders. I went ahead and renewed mine anyway, the...
  20. '23 granger rollover thread

    that's interesting. Here is what she told me: " Ford did give us enough allocations to cover our orders so that is good! ". I don't know their exact number of unscheduled orders, and maybe Big Daddy's # 21 skipped over others. Still, it is all on Ford at this point. Ford doesn't have to...