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  1. I get hi-beam flashed from on coming traffic all the time?

    I typically drive without the need of turning on hi-beam. Its always from cars not SUV or Truck. Is it the location of lights? I thought headlamps were aimed in such away to reduce glare/intensity for on coming vehicles?
  2. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

    We were robbed - is it possible to retrofit??
  3. When the HYBRID was patented - Dec. 4, 2014

    HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE ENGINE STARTING WITH A PRELOADED DAMPER SPRING FORD Global Technologies, Dearborn MI. US Patent Pub. No.: US 2014/0352492 A1 (43) Pub. Date: Dec. 4, 2014 A modular hybrid transmission (MHT) is an arrangement of powertrain components that produces parallel hybrid...
  4. FORD Mud Flaps - requires a Mod.

    Stock Mud Flaps not as good. I was travelling 10-15mph down my road. Here you can see the trajectory under the front flap lh/rh. Possibly a piece of rubber added??
  5. 1st time 4wheel towing

    The 12hr trip to Virginia worked out real nice towing my Mavhybrid. The Minnie doesnt care it's back there. In tow mode the odometer isn't spinning. Just followed the mfg recommendation to enable and shift the transmission.
  6. 22 Mav - Tailgate Extender - AMP Research

    UPDATE: NO PROGRESS for a replacement! My dealership has tried and no results. I sent a request to the Mfg. AMP Research Support - FW: 2022 Maverick Bed Extender - Problem with pictures A bit disheartening when you are ignored!! I was ready to use my extender for the first time. I discovered...
  7. my XLT Hybrid fuel economy

    Yesterday drive home from work, mostly xpressway (65mph)highway(50mph) and then full electric. My overall avg is 41mpg. I used ecomode and set my display to view the hybrid/elec transition. Im very pleased (y) so far!!
  8. any ideas or products to properly stow sunglasses?

    I saw this pic, although i fold mine, my glasses end up in this hole behind the display. another item rattling around. I miss the overhead storage i had on my F150.
  9. How to remove dealership decal from my tailgate?

    How do I safely remove?? Kind of a bummer it's directly below the hybrid label thank you
  10. Maverick odometer mileage at delivery?

    When took delivery, I was amazed to see 55 miles on the odometer? What do we think is the cause or is this normal/reasonable?