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  1. Farley says two row ICE crossovers going away

    FORD CEO FARLEY SAYS TWO ROW ICE CROSSOVERS GOING AWAY We knew the Edge was going away and there were rumors about the Escape But what does he mean by this? Is he including Hybrids and Plugin-Hybrids since they have an ICE? What about the Escape and Bronco Sport? Will they be electric only...
  2. 22 with VIN orders still unscheduled?

    Are there any of the 6,900 2022 orders WITH VIN that got canceled still unscheduled for 23?
  3. 📈 Maverick December 2022 and Full-Year Sales & Production Numbers

    December production 7,536 Mavs. Not too bad with a Christmas shutdown. Ford sold 61,575 US electric vehicles for the complete year. That moves them into second behind Tesla. Maverick December 2022 Sales Highlights Maverick December Sales: 5,878 vehicles. Sales (YTD): 68,492 vehicles...
  4. Ford's new "mind blowing" things for its EVs.

    Darren Palmer, who heads up Ford's electric vehicle (EV) program says there's more to come, with a renewed focus on in-car technology in the next phase of Ford's EV program. "The things we're going to bring in the next three years are just mind blowing. They're doing things that vehicles never...
  5. Electric rear drive for AWD Hybrid?

    Here is my guess / hope at why they have not come out with the AWD Maverick Hybrid. They are not going to use the mechanical AWD train that is in the Escape Hybrid. Rather, they are developing a completely new electric motor drive for the rear. This saves all the complexity of getting power...
  6. Any 23 orders getting bumped to priority code 2?

    With 22 orders the normal process was your dealer set your priority code to 10 to 19 and then Ford bumped your order to priority code 2 when it was being considered for scheduling. But that does not seem to be happening with 23s. Every scheduled 23 I have seen still had a priority code 10 or...
  7. October 22 Maverick Sales 9,233

    Ford’s hot-selling Maverick truck turned on dealer lots in just 6 days last month with sales up 123 percent. Maverick’s conquest rate is over 60 percent, with its top competitive conquests outside of pickups coming from Civic, Honda CR-V and Toyota’s RAV4. The Maverick Hybrid accounted for...
  8. Highest 23 VIN Tracker

    Highest 2023 VIN 35,8XX scheduled through week of March 27th Sequential VIN numbers are assigned to Mavericks as they are initially scheduled for production. This means it can be used to indicate how many vehicles Ford believes they can make through that date from the last 5 digits of the VIN...
  9. Why is Ford paying for ads like this?

    Came across this today on a weather site. First you can't order a 2023 much less the 2022 listed in the ad. And they can sell everything they make without advertising.
  10. How much are your Dealer Doc / Processing Fees?

    Post a comment with dealer name and fees also if you want. Especially if your dealer does NOT charge a processing fee or one above $1000!
  11. Anyone else go from unscheduled clean to unscheduled balanced out?

    Anyone else that was previously told you were unscheduled, clean, now being told you are unscheduled, balance out? I know my dealer sent in my license and completed the COVP process. I received two Ford e-mails saying I need to remove constraints if I want to improve my chance of getting a 22...
  12. June 2022 Maverick Sales and Production

    Sales 3,882 Production 7,539 https://s23.q4cdn.com/799033206/files/doc_downloads/2022/07/June-Sales-Release-Final.pdf
  13. Any First Edition without VIN or scheduled?

    Just curious if anyone has a First Edition that has not been scheduled or given a VIN?
  14. US Sales Regions Discovery

    The Ford scheduling allocation system seems to be very dependent upon the sales region your dealer is located. I've asked around and even @fordvideoguy https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/october-hybrid-orders-united.12399/post-297565 has not seen a list of the US sales regions. I...
  15. Ford communications getting worse not better

    First they stop sending customer e-mails when their vehicle gets a scheduled production week. Yesterday I called the marketing 800 number and they no longer will tell you your scheduling priority number. If your dealer won't tell you either, you are completely in the dark.
  16. Highest 22 VIN Tracker

    Highest VIN 115,100 dealer ordered. Over 100,000 VINs! If the letters before the last 5 digits are NRB instead of NRA, you have to add 100K to the number. Sequential VIN numbers are assigned to Mavericks as they are initially scheduled for production. This means it can be used to indicate...
  17. Ford Forecasts ’22 Production Will Rise 10%+

    Ford Forecasts ’22 Production Will Rise 10%+ https://www.industryweek.com/leadership/companies-executives/article/21215980/ford-forecasts-22-production-will-rise-10
  18. Modules included with Trim Levels and Options found by FORScan

    Putting together a table of what modules come with which trim levels and options. This will server a few purposes: First it will help us understand the build constraints better to know which modules (and therefore chips) come with which options. Second, for anyone wanting to try and upgrade...
  19. Long McArthur total order numbers

    Tim put out these numbers last night on his live steam As of 1/25/2022 they have: 559 total Maverick orders 90 delivered to customers 135 scheduled or built but not delivered yet The remained 334 have not been scheduled yet
  20. Multi location dealership allocations

    If you purchase from a dealership that owns multiple locations, does it matter which location you buy from? In other words, should you buy from the largest location the dealership owns? Or, do they all get treated equally as far as dealer allocations?