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  1. $5,000 above MSRP for Lariat Hybrid in Area 51

    If you have deep pockets and want to spend $$$ - But I think you will feel abused and regret it, if the truck market continues to fall on its face. By next year Ford won't be able to sell a truck. They will be giving discounts on most models. And remember that Chevy and Toyota have small...
  2. Ford Maverick Hybrid - NEW Tractor Mode Unlocked ( 3000 miles)

    My hybrid is just fine. But, It has the touchy brakes, And it has a little shudder but not all the time. It runs great. It had the engine surging issue but was fixed by the TSB. I turn the key and it runs. At 36k miles I will trade it. I think part of the Shudder- fix is the...
  3. Road Trip Hauling ATV with Bed Mods (and Lowered on H&R Super Sport Springs)

    YEs I'm interested in the fog lamps!!!
  4. Ford Maverick windshield and dash rattle

    I will give the guy a break - it's a new truck, we all hope it will be perfect. Though seldom anything ever is. I wish they would fix the Hybrid Shudder on my truck - I doubt they will. I read that tuning the transition between hybrid to ICE was tricky. I assume they didn't get it right and...
  5. Ford Maverick windshield and dash rattle

    That's one way to put it...
  6. My Lariat was rear-ended on the way to work. Devastated

    oh no! What is it with our Mavericks getting hit I was driving to work last week and hit a bridge expansion joint. A huge chunk of concrete popped up and tore a hole in the bottom of my truck then blew a tire and bent a rim. I haven't seen a Maverick in town without damage. One has its...
  7. Couldn’t wait on Ford any longer..

    Very nice and - sensible decision.
  8. Dead Hybrid again, AFTER wire harness replacement!

    Hi So sorry - I had a condition a couple weeks back where the truck was off but my parking lights were on. I think I had manually rotated the light switch to parking -- I was surprised when it happened. I would need to test this and see what it was I did to cause it to happen but that is my...
  9. What are the Maverick Tremors worth?

    I agree. But it will take a recession to bring us there..
  10. Hybrid Shudder. Anyone experiencing a shudder shake in hybrid

    I agree it is probably the engine braking you are feeling - The Shudder issue is a serious issue - it shakes the entire truck. Feels like the transmission is going to shake apart. It's not subtle when it happens.
  11. Leer truck cap installed on my 2022 Maverick XLT

    Wow ! I really like that design! Bet I won't like the price
  12. Mavericks Accumulating At Dealers

    I'd actually buy a used tesla - replace the battery for 20K and you have a new car for 1/2 the price
  13. Mavericks Accumulating At Dealers

    That was a very strange story on supply chain wows. Inventory building at warehouses is certainly not the whole story. Increased supply would normally cause prices to drop - not increase. But the other side of this is how inconsistent the story is. While warehouses inventories may be high...
  14. Let's talk numbers. Hybrid vs Ecoboost $$,$$$

    This really was not an economic equation for me. I wanted the eCVT and smooth acceleration where I'm always in the correct gear. And THAT came true. I love the way this thing drives. Second, I don't live in a snow prone area. We get 2 snow storms a year. No big deal I don't go out on...
  15. Installed BillieBars with Ford Tonneau Cover on Maverick XLT Hybrid

    Looks exactly like my XLT Silver Hybrid with billybars and stock Tonneau cover ;-) My gosh. I have 6K miles thus far.
  16. Maverick 1 - Mitsubishi 0 🥊

    What about this: https://buyautotruckaccessories.com/2022/ford/maverick/smittybilt/614802tan/
  17. FWD vs AWD Ecoboost 0-60 and 1/4 mile and torque steer

    I saw a guy on YouTube - yesterday who just did a video on the subject. 6.8s 0-60? But chirped the tires on hard acceleration