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  1. 2023 Maverick gets new lower MPG fuel mileage EPA ratings

    I did take pics because my mom wanted proof. Yes, it took driving under the speed limit by five up hills when folks weren't behind me, something I'm willing to do. I'm not in a hurry.
  2. 2023 Maverick gets new lower MPG fuel mileage EPA ratings

    I filled up for the first time at 13.419 gallons. $37.56 (with fuel points). 648.8 miles since I pulled it off the lot with a full tank. That's 48.3 mpg. My truck currently says 614 miles to empty after a 2 mile drive from the station, but it's been going up, not down... So I don't care about...
  3. Charging System Service Now

    Any word on if this is for '23s or just '22s? Or across the board?
  4. Installed ARE X Series Truck Cap, tinted tail light covers, black rear decal

    True enough! Currently my bed doesn't even have a liner. I'm going to get something at some point, though. I'm also going to tint the heck out of my windows, like we're talking limo, plus a strip on the windshield. Will post pics of that when completed.
  5. Any advice before I go pickup?

    I also declined all my dealer add-ons. They automatically put almost $1,800 worth on there, plus some Ford maintenance plan thing that was a rip-off for $600. Salesman was a great honest guy, but on this, he did push back and told me that's standard and "most people on the road have those...
  6. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I had a great experience with my dealer. The salesman was young (21, fresh out of college), they made me do a $1,000 deposit, which they later applied to the MSRP when I took delivery, and all around they were honest folks. I was in and out in fifty minutes when I took delivery the day it rolled...
  7. Any advice before I go pickup?

    I guess I'm lucky my dealer didn't screw me over. I'm reading so many horror stories on here. I'm sorry y'all are going through those things.
  8. Installed ARE X Series Truck Cap, tinted tail light covers, black rear decal

    I considered spending extra money on accessories and ended up deciding against it. Despite being blessed this year, I've always hated spending money. This thread is making me regret not at least getting the rear cover.
  9. Maverick Truck Club Sticker?

    I purposed early on to keep my truck as stock as possible, including no decals on the outside. But, for this, I may make an exception...
  10. After 111 Days - Six Impressions of my Hybrid XLT

    It's insane how many discrepancies and differences there are between orders!
  11. My maverick’s Vin says it’s a 2023 but

    Yeah, I know. They originally told me June/July, maybe April/May at the earliest. I sure was surprised when my salesman called me on the 9th.
  12. My maverick’s Vin says it’s a 2023 but

    Yep, mine is a 12/22 (December, 2022), and it's a MY23. Ordered September 2022, Got it January 9th.
  13. Coming soon to your rearview mirror...... Law enforcement support vehicle Maverick build

    Love this. I low-key want to convince my Sheriff to let me install blues on mine, but the wife won't have it. :ROFLMAO: Not sure he would, either. But the Sheriff's Office next door to mine has a couple of unmarked Area 51 '22s. Not sure what application they use them for. I have a large...
  14. After 111 Days - Six Impressions of my Hybrid XLT

    Wonderful! I have the exact truck, except in Atlas Blue. Similar order date/delivery date. I second everything you said. I've gotten the overall MPG up to 51.1 mpg as of now, with some of the smaller trips being 100% electric. I'm highly satisfied, and the bed is roomier than it looks!
  15. Greetings & Salutations!

    Thanks, y'all! Blue was my favorite color before this profession, but it does fit nicely, yes? :) And absolutely! Favorite part of the job is making the public happy and making folks feel safe, protected, and served well.
  16. Greetings & Salutations!

    I'm very glad to have gotten it early. I have been lurking on this site for some time without an account, and seeing folks waiting so long was discouraging. I'm not sure what all goes into who gets what when. :P Hopefully you get it soon!
  17. Your age / occupation?

    Reading above, I'm one of the younger members on this forum. 27, Deputy Sheriff for the last 5+ years, Special Ops for the last 6 months, Metro Atlanta area. I also trade real estate and trade on the stock market.
  18. Greetings & Salutations!

    Hello, I ordered a 2023 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid in Atlas Blue on September 19, 2022. It arrived January 9, 2023, way earlier than expected! You may find the photo below. I joined this forum because I usually join forum groups of things I'm excited about. I'm excited because this is my...