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  1. One touch power windows all around - nice surprise

    When I ordered my FE Lariat I thought only the driver's door control had one touch up & down. I just found out all 4 doors have it. I'm good with that!!!
  2. Rapid Red Maverick pops in the sun!

    It really pops in the sun!
  3. When will 2023 Maverick builds / production begin?

    The answer is probably in here somewhere? I was wondering when they will start 2023 builds as there are still many 2022's still to be built.
  4. Think Ive lost the excitment.

    After 8 months Of no word on schedule, Ive lost the excitment of my Oct 2nd order of the rapid red, FE, AWD. I looked at a 2020 Ranger Lariat with 16,000 miles and for the same price as the Maverick. I think the excitement is back and will jump ship?
  5. Still waiting

    I have a reunion with some long time pals the end of July. Was hoping to roll in with my Oct. 2nd order, FE rapid red AWD.
  6. Current Interest Rates?

    For those who have been taking delivery recently, what kind of interest rates are folks getting that ordered back when they were lower? It appears Ford is now at 7.9% compared to 5.9% when I ordered last October. I havent shopped around or checked my bank yet as Im still waiting for a schedule.
  7. Ford Chatting

    I know Im naive now and then. Just got off the Ford Chat and realized after a few questions, Im messaging a robot. lol Wanted to see where my Oct 2nd FE, AWD order stands. Wondering how many builds are ahead of me if what they say, building in order that orders came in???
  8. Aluminum or Steel body construction?

    Is the Maverick body aluminum or steel construction? I know my work truck a 250 Superduty is aluminum. Not sure what Ranger or F-150's are?
  9. Koons in Baltimore?

    Has anyone had good luck with Koons in Baltimore?
  10. Soft roll up bed cover OK in a car wash with brushes?

    Anyone know how does the soft roll up bed cover hold up in a car wash with brushes? Do any of the other covers do better?