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  1. more dealer stock mavs showing up, late delivery 2022's

    This is really something, 19 mavs and several hybrids at my local dealer. https://www.futurefordclovis.com/inventory/all-vehicles/models-Ford-Maverick/srp-page-1/ But, hold on to your wallet, they are asking $8k-$15k over MSRP! The more these scenarios exist, the greater the price pressure...
  2. '23 granger rollover thread

    very thankful again for Granger! Great people to work with. My cactus grey '22 EB-XLT-LUX-CP360-Allweather mats-Manual sliding window has been successfully converted into the same order as a hybrid. De-contented LUX package of course, but that content can be added if needed. I get the "full...
  3. Is factory tint standard?

    I did a quick search but could not see any info. All the Mavs on the Ford site have tinted windows. No options for "tint". How does the truck come from the Factory?