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  1. TruXedo Sentry CT tonneau cover from Real Truck - installed notes and photos

    It looks great! Two questions: 1. With the tailgate closed can the tonneau cover be opened by someone pulling on it? 2. It looks thick and you might be able to cut it with a good knife, but how do you feel about it for durability? Thank you.
  2. Bed mat and backflip midgate on a budget - my custom DIY solution 🪚

    What a great idea! Down the road, will you update us with how the foam padding holds up. Thank you.
  3. Added LED DRL front w /signal & rear LED strip brake & signal lights

    I still love it. If I ever get a Maverick, I will be doing the same idea. 👍
  4. Added LED DRL front w /signal & rear LED strip brake & signal lights

    Very nice! With the Mavericks owners here who have posted about not being seen, and in accidents you should be a lot safer. Where I like live it is not illegal for this modification. The loud pips on motorbikes are more annoying. Yet they say it is for the same reason.
  5. Finally got my Velocity Blue baby. A couple mods so far.

    Beautiful Maverick! If you don't mind my asking: What is the size of the white sticker on your back window? If and when my Maverick arrives, I have some stickers that I would like too display on my truck, but the back glass seem so small. Thank you.
  6. So done waiting...any ideas?

    Does the wife, or other half know you are seeing other people? LOL! (All we can do is laugh at this point)
  7. Ford needs to deliver as many Maverick Hybrids as possible

    With in the frustration of the back and forth, I would like to thank you for this educational explanation. Now I can clearly understand why this is taking so long. Instead of the B.S. from the bad dealers and being left out in the dark, only to get worked up... If I and other people new...
  8. Salespeople “fiction” add yours here

    "Sir" (What an ass) John. I was replying to the fact that for "some people" who are buying Maverick's, it is the little truck that offers what they need, and that it is not a case of: "I want that new toy." I do not feel that a $5,000.00 down payment would stop the flippers, but hurt the...
  9. Salespeople “fiction” add yours here

    I think that a $5000.00 upfront deposit would really hurt the people that "need" the Maverick and it might cause them too think about walking away. My deposit was $1,200.00 and I had to push too put that together, when my understanding was deposits were going to be $500.00 (That was my first...
  10. Food for thought ( if you might be tired of waiting on a maverick )

    I agree with you. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 and in "my world" it is the greatest family vehicle. (No Maverick yet) I can fit six people inside, I don't care about what weather I have to drive in. I have a canopy cover on the back to protect my Costco shopping, my dog, and my mother inlaw. My...
  11. Rival news: New 2024 Tacoma to feature Hybrid and Turbo 4 Cylinder engines

    Stout - A good strong beer, and what you need too drink so that butt ugly truck looks good.
  12. 📝 (12/14/22) – 2023 MAVERICK AVAILABILITY MEMO Allows Order Switch From Hybrid to EcoBoost! + New Discount Package + Current Constraints Info

    My guess would be, "no". But what do we know? Ford never says anything in Canada. As other Canadians have posted: "Unlike in America, Ford Canda does not send out emails." We have too trust our dealers. I have already canceled my first order and that was for a 2022 hybrid XL rolled over to a...
  13. Maverick Scheduling on 12/15/22 -- For Production Weeks Through 2/20/23 [+ Current Constraints List]

    I wish Ford would try and break my heart with one of their: "We are thinking of you!" emails. Up here in Canada, Ford is not even that kind. (We sit in the dark.) Waiting on my roll over with out a sound. It is too cold for the crickets now. LOL
  14. The Drive's Best Truck of 2022 is the Ford Maverick, by a Landslide

    As I have said in a passed post: "The first Mavericks were the modern model T of our time, for the price and options. Now they are becoming the profits for the shareholders." We are dropping our options so that the Mavericks are built. Savings in the long run for the manufacturer? Always being...
  15. Clay bar and Turtle Wax graphene flex wax results

    Your Maverick is beautiful. Sigh... Still waiting. On a side note: I see that you have gone with the Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires. I am going for the same tire choice 225/65 R17. Please post how they perform for you over the winter. Thank you. 😀
  16. First Parking Kiss... argh

    This would make a good advertisement for Buick. (Sad really, as Buick once was big in the muscle era, before the "old person's vehicle" labele stuck.) "See how well the Buick holds up, crashing into a mighty Maverick!" It's a good thing that it was the Maverick and not a Tesla. (Seeing any...
  17. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    You hear so many people scream about their rights. It seems that the people who choose too drink and drive, or talk on their cellphone are the ones who are screaming the loudest. Yet, what about the rights of the people who are hurt, or killed by their actions? The OP's family and the young...
  18. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Take a look in British Columbia Canada where it is illegal too drive and talk on a cell phone for anyone. You are not even aloud to have any electronic device in your hands while you drive. The police watch very closely and the fines are high.
  19. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Maybe the driver who hit the OP's family was 'so' excited in seeing a Maverick on the road, that they crashed into them while trying to get their cell phone out to snap a photo of it?
  20. Canada order banks and private offers?

    Thank you for the information, every time I call I hit a wall. They always tell me too talk with my dealer.