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  1. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover INSTALLED

    Recently swapped my Truxedo Pro X15 soft roll up cover for a hard folding cover (which BTW you can buy HERE). My only complaint with the X15 was that I had to open the cover every time I wanted to close the tailgate. Enough of an annoyance to spend $1000 on the BAKFlip... But I really did like...
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover $300

    Used for less than a year, no issues. Will come with all hardware necessary to mount and go. Pick up only in Central PA $300
  3. PSA: Anyone with OEM Ford Splash Guards - they wear paint down to metal!

    They wear the paint off, right down to the sheet metal. That's it. All four fenders look like this on my truck. Some better, some worse. Only had them on for maybe 5k miles.
  4. Pennsylvania Sold: OEM Ford Front and Rear Splash Guards

    Selling my complete set of OEM mudflaps. Includes all mounting hardware and instructions. In nice shape, not scraped or scratched up. Just dirty. $50 + shipping please. Venmo or PayPal preferred.
  5. Stubby Antenna INSTALLED

    Put a Cravespeed Stubby Jr. antenna on my truck. I don't notice any reception change with this ~2" antenna. $20 was with it for me!
  6. Minimum aftermarket wheel load rating?

    Is there a recommended minimum load rating for aftermarket wheels?
  7. Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover and LED Bed Lighting INSTALLED

    Hello MTC members, new user here, sharing images of my newly installed tonneau cover and bed lighting additions. Ordered the Pro X15 because I liked the look of the low-profile design and compatibility with aftermarket bed rails which I plan to install later with some kind of a bed rack. Also...