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  1. Trip review: Maverick AWD vs. 6” of snow on commute

    I live in Ontario, and as the tires are new, you could probably get away with it. Pick your battles though.
  2. Trip review: Maverick AWD vs. 6” of snow on commute

    I advise getting four snows/winters on rims. The same traction on all four corners is important. Also will keep the wear between winter tires and summer tires relatively even.
  3. Road Trip Hauling ATV with Bed Mods (and Lowered on H&R Super Sport Springs)

    I like the driving/fog light set up. I'd like to know more about them if you please. Thanks
  4. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    That looks fantastic. Enjoy your new maverick.
  5. ARE Topper / Cap Installed on Maverick XLT

    I must of misunderstood what you wrote. Can you tell me whom the manufacturer is. Thanx
  6. Anyone else ordered a 2023 from Canada?

    I'm also finding the experience rather vague. I've placed an order for a my23 based on the my22 pricing but with my23 built codes?? In soviet erra Russia it to ten years to get a car. That's nutz. Lol