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  1. Wireless iPhone CarPlay Setup - Works Perfectly

    Excited to report that if you use an iPhone and want wireless CarPlay in your Maverick - the following two components work perfectly. ESR HaloLock mini wireless charger Geohyecc Wireless CarPlay Adaptor - Car & Play My brother gifted me these and I never would have thought of trying this. You...
  2. Reflective Door Sides - Complete

    Added reflective tape to sides of doors :) Helpful for metro streets/parking/getting in/out of vehicle.
  3. Connecting Two Dash Cams to Single Ignition Only Fuse - Complete

    Happy to report it is possible to connect two dash cams to a single ignition only fuse with the use of a double fuse tap. I used fuse #3 and this is what made it all possible: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07919WK9N?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details I've attached pics of the rear install.
  4. Issue: Automatic Dome Lights Not Functioning

    Interior dome lights no longer automatically turn on when opening door. Either exiting or entering the Maverick - automatic dome lights no longer functioning Dome lights will work when manually pressing them. Dome lights will work when using the center toggle switch. When running the car the...
  5. Dash Cam #2 (Rear) - Can I Fuse Tap to Under Hood Fuse Box ?

    Just installed a second dash cam (rear). I can't use the fuse box in the front passenger floor well because fuse tap will not fit into available ignition only options. The front dash cam is in #3 fuse position (ignition only - passenger floor well) and works great. For now, I am powering the...
  6. 12v Accessory Wire Harness Pigtail Connector - Adding inline fuse

    I would like to put an inline fuse on the 12V cigarette lighter I attached to the 12v Accessory Wire Harness Pigtail Connector in the bed. I was wondering what gauge wire the Ford Pigtail Accessory Wire Harness is. I am guessing a 15AMP fuse will be good. Something like this ...
  7. CoverKing - Spacer Mesh seat covers installed

    Installed CoverKing Spacer Mesh seat covers in the front. It's a great fit. Color is Gray. https://coverking.com/products/seat-cover-spacermesh?variant=40326660522146
  8. Long Island NY - Maverick Meet Up - October 2022

    Anyone interested in doing a Long Island Maverick meet up this coming October 2022 ? Maybe we do at the parking lot at Jones Beach or Eisenhower Park ?
  9. Bed Blanking Plate - 3D Printed for 12V Accessory Outlet

    Downloaded the Blanking Plate model from Printables https://www.printables.com/model/159528-ford-maverick-bed-outlet-cover-2022-ford-maverick Modified it so there was a hole for the outlet - and needed to beef up the top clip so it would not break.
  10. Bed 12V DC Pop Out Plate

    Does anyone know the part number for the 12V DC pop out plate is ? Or where to order one ? Thank You.
  11. Spare tire wheel lock Missing

    My Hybrid XLT spare tire does not have a wheel lock. Should I have received one as standard, or was it an add on ? Thank You.
  12. ODB2 Bluetooth Adaptor and iOS

    I thought it would be cool to have a bluetooth OBD2 adaptor and use my phone to show gauges - especially the volt meter. The plan is to use iOS app called OBD Link and one of these adaptors. The concern is to make sure the OBD2 adaptor does not drain the battery - only one of the adaptor...
  13. Dash Cam Power Cable Snaking - Need Advice - Removing Panels

    Hello MTC - I need advice with snaking the long Dash Cam Power Cable from the unit to the 12V dash port. Never tried something like this. I will need to tuck the cable under the front ceiling trim, remove the A Pillar panel, go under the glove box - and somehow close to the 12V dash socket...
  14. Trim Tools for hiding Dash Cam Wire

    Hello MTC .... Can anyone recommend the proper type of trim tools I should use to run/hide my front dash cam wire. Maybe something like this : or this : or this : Thank you very much.
  15. LED light strips for Bed - Orientation

    When installing LED light strips for the bed on each side, how should you orient the LEDs ? Downward/Vertical or Horizontal/Facing opposite bed side ? Thank you for all of your help.
  16. BAK Revolver X4s - Water Leakage

    I have had the BAK Revolver X4s installed for couple of months now. I like the cover a lot and would recommend. When it rains there is some water in the bed toward the tailgate on each side - as well on both sides by the cab. I installed it well - and have double the insulation seals up by...
  17. Bicycle Mounts for Thru Axel and Quick Release complete

    Installed the mounts for Thru Axel and Quick Release today. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  18. Ford Maverick Hybrid - Bed Outlet Works w/ Drill :)

    Yes - you can power a drill with the bed outlet. Just need to have the engine on.
  19. 647.7 miles (estimated 30 miles remaining until empty)

    Picked up Hybrid Maverick March 31 with a full tank from dealer. On this tank I drove 647.7 miles with an estimated 30 miles still remaining. Filled up today with 14.051 gallons of 87 octane. Assuming that the dealer also put in 14 gallons - that would be 46 MPG total. Majority of this was...
  20. 3D printed the iPhone holder for Cubby - Highly Recommend

    Printed both the adaptor and holder for the cubby slot. Works great. Highly Recommend. Used velcro to secure the adaptor to the back of the cubby. The FITS adaptor for cubby: https://www.printables.com/model/159543-ford-fits-cubby-hole-adapter-v1-2022-ford-maverick The phone holder...