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  1. 🔺 2023 Maverick MSRP Price Increases $400 and Destination and Delivery Increases $100 [effective 2/1/23]

    You're just wrong that every vehicle is overpriced, it isn't 1980 any more, and those Fords were turds on wheels anyway. Compared to a 75,000 mile Frontier, Mavericks are absolutely not overpriced. Young people's "problems" (which face it old people said about your generation) don't have...
  2. 🔺 2023 Maverick MSRP Price Increases $400 and Destination and Delivery Increases $100 [effective 2/1/23]

    Do people not see the prices for everything? Nobody's bought eggs recently? I posted yesterday a 2019 75,000 mile Frontier SV for $25k, so go buy that if you think Mavericks are too expensive.
  3. Cubby Delete

    You have effectively zero chance to put in a bigger screen. I'm sure with enough effort you could print something to hold the screen that didn't have a cubby. If you do so expect no warranty work on anything sync related because one look at your new setup & any dealer will punt it right back...
  4. What are the Maverick Tremors worth?

    For those wondering what truck are worth, I give you a 75,000 mile Frontier for $25k. A Maverick at almost any price can be a good value if you need something now when this is the alternative. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/df495bb5-7334-421c-9f57-557922f71f1c/

    The back seat battery would be easier to route to from the bed than under the hood. But as mentioned, I would try the accessory power in the little plastic covers at the back of the bed. The truck comes with one pigtail to conect to it, probably was under oyur back seat.
  6. Just me rambling on about marked up pricing

    Paying more makes sense if you need a vehicle right now (like yours was totalled) and compare the price to anything used put there.
  7. Totally Bonehead Move

    I gotta say doing it the first time was a bonehead move. Doing it twice means you're untrainable.
  8. Anyone getting a mini fridge

    This thread has been going for a while, but I have a small 12V fridge and it works okay if the drinks are already cold going in and you don't want them ice-cold & it isn't outside in the summer. Basically you ghet a 4x4 inch square in the back that gets below frreezing if the fridge is indoors...
  9. Unhappy with ordering process.

    I'm not sure why you posted 2 orders, neither of which included remote start. What is it you want done differently??
  10. SE Houston Mavericks -- Driving Through Recent Tornado Debris?

    i'd try to put a worm in it.
  11. Rhino Hitch (Adjustable Hitch)

    How small is your weiner you need to put a pistol on the tabletop and an open knife? Just no. And I own guns.
  12. Buying Maverick for out-of-state son

    Dealers can register a vehicle in another state
  13. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    I've said it in other threads - Ford sells like 75,000 F-150s a month, at an average price of 65 grand. That's where the money is. They are not worried about some other manufacturer selling a hybrid AWD and stealing Maverick sales. They are worried about Mavericks stealing F-150 sales.
  14. Could this potential RAM 1200 come to the US?

    Imported light trucks to the US have a 25% tariff. NAFTA provides an exemption for Mexico & Canada.
  15. AWD with 4K tow group mileage VS AWD without

    The ratios are 3. 47 and 3.63. So a 4.6% increase in rpm for a given speed. I doubt it's a measureable change, certainly your foot will be a bigger effect.
  16. Sport mode .... uggh

    This statement applies to just about everyone.