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  1. Anyone ever raised the front of the seats?

    I'd like the seat bottom to have a little more tilt toward the back. Has anyone ever raised the front of the seat to accommodate this? If so, any advice?
  2. Camper Shell: Seal around back cab window?

    Anyone confirmed a seal to go between the camper shell and the back cab window that works well? Also, did you have to add any type of seal between the camper shell and the top of the truck bed and around the tailgate? If so, any links to those products as well would be appreciated.
  3. Can the low and high beam lights be upgraded?

    I know of there vehicles you can, but not sure about the Maverick. Any ideas?
  4. Mud flaps affect mpg?

    I just installed the ford mud flaps. I noticed, especially with the rear, they somewhat look like sails sticking out the side. Any thoughts on them affecting mpg?
  5. Mud flaps, better price than $107?

    Amazon has the Ford front and rear mud flaps for $107. Is there a better price anywhere else?
  6. Octane vs MPG, 87 vs 93, anyone compared?

    Has anyone compared their mpg running 87 verses 93? I'm curious if there is a gain and if so is it enough to overcome the price difference.
  7. Are bed rail screws M8x1.25x28 and tie down screw on bed floor M6x1.0x25?

    I'm seeing conflicting information. Anyone care to clarify? Also, is the maximum length of the bed rails 30" or 40"?
  8. P160 Error - Cruise Control on XL without C360 using ACC buttons.

    As the title says I installed the ACC left buttons instead of the regular CC buttons as I intend on doing the ACC mod in the future, just not right now. It seems like reading the thread that this should work, but now I’m reading another thread that says it will not. The buttons function for...
  9. Revisiting retrofitting Copilot 360 on vehicle without it.

    I know it has been talked about before. Several times at that. But, I would like to revisit retrofitting copilot 360 on a vehicle that does not have it from the factory. I know we've said the cost would be prohibitive. However, I think if we learn what other vehicles the components can come from...
  10. Is caster not adjustable?

    The alignment shop said it isn’t and mine’s out of spec
  11. Measurement request: A.R.E. V Series Topper

    Would someone with the ARE V Series Topper please measure the interior height and the height to the top of the door when it is opened? I am really curious what these measurements are.
  12. Delete

  13. Any Black Friday / cyber Monday deal for lifts available that are better than 10% off?

    I have found 10% off, but wondering if there are any deals greater than that? If so, please post!!!!!
  14. Any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on lifts?

    Anyone seen anything? I would particularly love a deal on the new Rough Country lift with new shocks/struts.
  15. Leveling verses lift kit

    I'm conflicted. What to do? What was the thought process everyone went through when deciding between a level and lift kit?
  16. Is it possible to track a Maverick once it is picked up by a truck from the rail yard?

    I didn't see any links talking about this, so I didn't know.
  17. Pictures of things stored inside your topper.

    Anyone want to share pictures of how they are using their camper shell / topper?