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  1. What’s your EV coach “blue bar” length?

    Awesume video. I figured it could be in electric at higher speeds as long as battery has a charge. Now i know. Jealous of your 90 degrees though !!
  2. Slippery mode on ice.

    Front wheel drives are excellant on ice. Assuming you have good all season tires. Been driving FWD cars for years . But i keep my back up 4 wheel drive pickup for when the snow is real deep. But that rarely happens as they clean the interstate off before i leave for work Anyway hope your ice...
  3. Poor fuel mileage

    Cold weather is really hard on mileage on these Mavericks it seems. I have the Hybrid and this morning only got 28 mpg on interstate drive to work. But is was neg 4 degrees out. It gets much better mileage when weather warms up.
  4. Quit yer whining already!

    Mine sat in the railyard in Chicago for 2 weeks. Only about 4 hours from my dealer. Anyway good luck.
  5. Utility Trailer advice -- wood or mesh floor pros/cons?

    Thats a sharp little trailer. !! Looks handy.
  6. Utility Trailer advice -- wood or mesh floor pros/cons?

    Cant haul wood chips or dirt on a mesh floor. Must have something solid like wood that the small things cant fall thru . Some trailers even have metal floors. If all your gonna haul is a lawn mower or ATVs then mesh is fine.
  7. Hybrid dead... again

    I Hope Ford can help you get this issue figured out. New Hybrid owner here and getting nervous when so many Hybrid owners are having problems.
  8. Monitoring Hybrid Battery State-Of-Charge

    Incredible!! Cant wait till summer.
  9. Installed ARE X Series Truck Cap, tinted tail light covers, black rear decal

    Like how its even with the roof of the Maverick. Sharpest looking topper i have seen so far. Truck needs a washing !! LOL.
  10. Monitoring Hybrid Battery State-Of-Charge

    cant wait for spring and warmer weather to get these impressive mileage numbers.. I can barely get 500 miles per tank in these cold windy winter temps. Mostly highway.
  11. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    Discount tire wouldnt buy my new take offs. I was going to trade tires and pay the difference. They lost out on my business.
  12. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    When are you going to start making some Maverick XLT or Lariot style wheels ?? Would like to upgrade from the steelies on the XL to the XLT style wheels but they are very hard to find.
  13. Let’s try to fix this major hybrid issue together

    Replacing the flywheel would be a major job. Let us know what the dealership decides to do and if it fixes it. Good luck.
  14. Let’s try to fix this major hybrid issue together

    You would think a good mechanic with a good scan tool system could find the problem. its very obvious. I can here it clearly in your video. But this hybrid is a strange configuration with it switching back and forth between battery and ice depending on battery charge and load . Probably a...
  15. Let’s try to fix this major hybrid issue together

    Is your Maverick an earlier build.?? i just got my hybrid in Nov and have seen plenty of cold mornings but have never experienced the rattle. Maybe Ford fixed some of these issues on newer build.s. Only complaint i have is the grabby brakes. Good luck diagnosing your problem.
  16. Deep sleep mode alert

    Not all Hybrids are doing the deep sleep. I have one and never had this issue yet. But then i drive it every day and its in a unheated garage. Only issue with my hybrid so far is the grabby brakes.
  17. TSB 22-2493 issued for 2.5L Hybrid Maverick grabby brakes (at or below 6.2 MPH)

    I noticed same thing. If its been raining or streets are wet the grabby brakes are MUCH more noticable.
  18. Any Iowa folks?

    Just now saw this Iowa site. Just got my Hybrid XL in November from McGrath Ford in Cedar Rapids. Unfortunately havent had any really warm weather to get the great mileage of the Hybrid yet on the interstate but its doing great around town even in cooler weather. 56 mpg yesterday on way home...
  19. TSB 22-2493 issued for 2.5L Hybrid Maverick grabby brakes (at or below 6.2 MPH)

    Good to here the update helps the grabby brake problem. I mentioned to my dealer that i had the grabby brake problem and told them the TSB number and they said they would get back to me about an appointment to get it done. But havent heard from them since.?? I just got my Maverick in Nov and...