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  1. 🔺 2023 Maverick MSRP Price Increases $400 and Destination and Delivery Increases $100 [effective 2/1/23]

    Mine was built on 1/31 so at least the window sticker on the truck should show the previous price.
  2. Where'd all the cheap tonneaus go?

    They had 4 left when I went there earlier. I believe there are many made by same manufacture with different names attached. Saw others with same exact description and mechanism that were like 200, still good. I wanted rollup as the bed is already short, a trifold would eat up too much space...
  3. Where'd all the cheap tonneaus go?

    Thanks, just ordered it with the 20% off coupon. 159 for a cover is a great deal. Was going to use my points to mostly pay for the Ford soft rollup, but I would still have to pay about as much as the one you got to cover what my points didn't. Now I'll use my points for something else. Edit...
  4. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    Yea I ordered the same one a couple weeks ago, still waiting on it to be delivered. Don't have truck yet, so no hurry. Noticed this one had an inline fuse that other ones didn't have, maybe this is the upgraded 2023 like it says. Also the animation seemed a little different in speed on some...
  5. Bed mat and backflip midgate on a budget - my custom DIY solution 🪚

    Nice I may consider that mat solution. I been planning to buy a horse and cattle mat from Tractor supply. $50 for a thick 3/4" 4'x6' rubber mat. Only con is it weighs 94 pounds maybe 60 pounds after cutting to fit, but if it can hold up to horses and cattle in their stalls, then it will be...
  6. Out of line!

    If there was a line, then all 2021 orders would be scheduled and built. But as we see, many sept 22 orders have been built ahead of these 1+ year old orders. It comes down to allocation and contraints. I changed my order to EB at rollover and got scheduled. I believe you actually move ahead...
  7. List the good guy Dealers that charged MRSP and no excessive prep-delivery fees

    Straight from my dealers website. https://www.walterboroford.com/ Invoice on all vehicles except limited production No addons No closing fees We Bought a Mustang from them last year. Only paid $25 over invoice for the temp tag at closing. Also recieved a 1k rebate.
  8. Dealer fees

    Closing Fees: $0
  9. 📬 1/12/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    I see people posting about dates moving, but it seems way less than the end of last year when there were constant discussion about it and moving months down the line. I even seen one last month that had their date moved forward.
  10. Hybrid to EcoBoost Maverick - my story, logic and result

    Similar realization happened for me as well. I mainly ordered the hybrid XL last year because it was the cheapest option. Additional gas savings was a bonus, but I think in my driving situation the bonus wouldn't have been as great as I originally thought. I reassessed my situation at...
  11. Motorola MA1 install

    Yea, I like the low profile and cable to bend so I dont risk knocking it when I put stuff in the storage locations. Link: 90 Degree USB
  12. Motorola MA1 install

    I just ordered a 90 usb, I got the one with the attached cable so I dont bend the actual MA1 cable. It's also lower profile. I dont have the Mav yet, not sure how far back the bottom plastic goes to attach the device to. I might just toss it in the back tray or behind after making the bend.
  13. Picking up 2023 xl hybrid with hitch Atlas Blue Now!

    Thanks for the pic and verifying this. Glad to see they just used the xlt layout and not lose any functionality to add cruise. Just wasn't sure since their picture still shows blank spots. BTW, cool truck, I like the color.
  14. Picking up 2023 xl hybrid with hitch Atlas Blue Now!

    Ok thanks, I was wondering if they deleted the track, volume and assistant buttons to add cruise. I thought probably not, but you are one of the first that can verify this. I figured Ford just didn't update their picture to reflect updated control layout.
  15. Picking up 2023 xl hybrid with hitch Atlas Blue Now!

    Do you have a picture of the steering wheel controls? Now that XL has cruise control, is the button layout same as XLT or does it still have blank unused spots on the bottom locations. Ford's site still shows blank spots like the 22s.
  16. Anyone who placed an order in 2021 still waiting for their Maverick?

    Yep, Oct 25 Hybrid order. Switched to EB at rollover and have build week of Jan 30.
  17. MA1 wireless Android auto dongle on sale

    Thanks, I had a tab of this still open at Best Buy because I was looking for a wireless attachment a few days ago. Looks like you can attach it then bend and tape under center console out of site. Just Ordered. Same price at Best Buy website...
  18. Costco Gas? Real Savings?

    Yep Top Tier for less than non Top Tier stations. So why not get better quality. I buy premium gas and Costco is way cheaper than other Top Tier stations. Usually 50 to 70 cents cheaper per gallon when I check gas buddy. It's also cheaper than the non top tier stations, although less so...
  19. Towing Question for those without the optional towing package

    @Mrboom_5.0 posted a video towing a 6x12. He covers all the towing and handling details. Its a shorter tow, so can't say how it is for mountains. Just stay within the designated weight and cross section and you should be good Edit: He doesnt have the tow package either.
  20. Ideas for steel wheels?

    I like it, been thinking what I'll do when my carbonized grey XL comes in. Trying to decide between keep them stock silver, paint them or buy new wheels. This is probably my favorite paint I've seen for CG.