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  1. Is the Ford Rep. still reading this? Received recall notice about side airbags but dealer says they still do not have parts available?

    If you take the truck to the dealership for the airbag recall and the dealership orders replacement parts, will they attempt to keep the truck until the parts arrive? .
  2. Need help with locating drain holes or plugs for tonneau cover

    ^^, or run them in the gaps in the very front bottom corners of the bed. That’s where mine are so the tubes are not potentially in the way of anything loaded in the bed. .
  3. Air Design Fender Flares - Finally Installed!

    So you’d rather install a bunch of Chinese knock-off crap on your truck rather than high quality “made in USA” products? .
  4. Size of hole with the rubber grommet in bed?

    The forward holes on mine are .678". My bed is factory lined and there is over spray in the actual hole, so with it removed the hole would be marginally larger. If the barrel of the light above is .73" you may need to very slightly open the bed holes with a file or dremmel.... Good luck...
  5. Rim / Tire additional coverage plan

    Why would anyone throw away money on separate coverage? If a Dealer suggested the coverage they are simply trying to separate you from your money. If you run into something and damage the wheel and tire it would be covered under your auto insurance collision insurance (less deductible). If...
  6. Does the Maverick have and engine immobilizer?

    Yep the Kia/Hyundai fiasco is ridiculous. Aside from them, Unfortunately passive anti-theft can be electronically defeated, especially easy in Mopar and Ram products. That’s why many of us who also own Hellcat and TRX vehicles have had a Ravelco device installed. Fortunately, Ford products...
  7. Can the Recirculate / Fresh air be disabled or re-programed?

    If it helps for those with health issues, be certain to change your cabin air filter frequently. There are also filters which contain carbon filtering media or are HEPA. Be aware that HEPA rated filters could significantly restrict the air flow due to their added restriction. Good luck .
  8. Anyone familiar with Ford PTM (Paint to match) Parts and Part Numbers?

    Many late Ford replacement panels I’ve seen are black primed and relatively shiny. The prep begins from there. Good luck .
  9. What to Expect Regarding Pricing

    What was the price and other terms on the purchase agreement that both you and your dealer signed? Without it, the Private Offer doesn’t mean much.. Good luck. .
  10. extended warranty and after sales add on??

    $26,300 additional Canadian $ to extend the OEM warranty to 5 years? What in the world would a OBD2 port have to do with rust protection? .
  11. Was working on my mav and backed over

    Stop your bitchin, you got a free dinner didn’t you? :ROFLMAO: .
  12. Food for thought

    Apparently “no soup for you” This week marks day 372 for my initial order.. Good luck .
  13. Size of hole with the rubber grommet in bed?

    Sorry, I went out to measure however mine is covered by my bed rail. I can tell you that the oval, plugged hole beneath it is .932” long by .708” high. LOL Good luck .
  14. Food for thought

    Really, and what about those who have been waiting 18+ months and continue to be pushed back? You don’t understand their frustration? .
  15. Totally Bonehead Move

    1000% WRONG. LOL Stop making up stuff you know absolutely nothing about,. I make no assumptions, I do not rely on memory. I presently own 2 cars (with factory operating steering columns) that I can drive at any speed, rotate the key (inserted in the ignition cylinder) to the 'off' position...
  16. Question re: mounting bronco sport wheels onto my Maverick

    Where they correctly balanced when they were removed? No need to rebalance moving from vehicle to vehicle unless you suspect an issue. Good luck .
  17. Totally Bonehead Move

    Pick the mic back up. You simply have zero reading comprehension and it appears therein lies your problem . You stated that vehicles have never had wheel/column locks and must be in Park, that is absolutely not true, many vehicles have steering wheel / column locks. And PS, my 4-5 and 6 speed...
  18. Totally Bonehead Move

    You cant loose knowledge if you don't have knowledge. I've owned dozens of ( and have) vehicles where the key locks the steering wheel when turned to the 'off' position (irrespective of the gear shift position).. Virtually every car/truck with a 'steering column lock' does it. The...