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  1. Road Trip Hauling ATV with Bed Mods (and Lowered on H&R Super Sport Springs)

    Nice setup, but tell me more about your fog lamp setup thank you!
  2. I get hi-beam flashed from on coming traffic all the time?

    Yes I disabled the auto hi beam feature almost immediately. Don't like it. Thx for the share, I'm not alone!!
  3. I get hi-beam flashed from on coming traffic all the time?

    I typically drive without the need of turning on hi-beam. Its always from cars not SUV or Truck. Is it the location of lights? I thought headlamps were aimed in such away to reduce glare/intensity for on coming vehicles?
  4. Flat Towing - best base plate for the Maverick?

    I was concerned also about the battery on long hauls. I had them pass a wire thru from pin connector to battery post in engine compartment.
  5. Flat Towing - best base plate for the Maverick?

    I have traveled about 3k miles. No real issues to be concerned with.
  6. Flat Towing - best base plate for the Maverick?

    Hello, near Port Huron R&B Equipment https://g.co/kgs/UDicnh
  7. Flat Towing - best base plate for the Maverick?

    I'm in Michigan, local shop with tow bar experience. NO cutting!! The air flow louvers down low were removed. the install included all wiring/diodes back to taillights and prep for the roadmaster braking system I think It was around $1000. I also had them run a wire to charge the battery.
  8. Flat Towing - best base plate for the Maverick?

    I chose Roadmaster. Works well, BlueOX may require drilling large holes in the front facia
  9. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

    Here's the link https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/wiring-12v-power-to-the-dashboard-cubby-and-center-dash-removal-diy-how-to-video.22115/post-417751
  10. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

  11. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

    There is a recent video showing the disassembly of the head unit. It seems to be a plug and play.
  12. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

    We were robbed - is it possible to retrofit??
  13. When the HYBRID was patented - Dec. 4, 2014

    HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE ENGINE STARTING WITH A PRELOADED DAMPER SPRING FORD Global Technologies, Dearborn MI. US Patent Pub. No.: US 2014/0352492 A1 (43) Pub. Date: Dec. 4, 2014 A modular hybrid transmission (MHT) is an arrangement of powertrain components that produces parallel hybrid...
  14. Muslogy for Maverick Armrest Cover

    I have a request - in this image you see an enclosure on the passenger side behind the rear wheel well. This is an important piece it keeps debris from accumulating in the truck bed/taillight cavity. Can this part be created for driver side? Thank You!!!
  15. Deep dive look at Maverick XL underside / undercarriage by Munro Live - shows how Maverick can be priced so low

    I found this interesting, i have a 22 xlt hybrid. I removed my full size spare and this tooth shaped component is actually in contact with the tire. I was also surprised about the muffler rusting, i was convinced that was in the past a decade ago.
  16. Fitting bike in the bed

    no problem - front wheel off. the back tires touch the bed so i placed a piece of rubber mat and secured the bikes
  17. Options for mud flaps?

    I INSTALLED THE FORD MUDFLAPS NOT IMPRESSED. I live on a dirt road, my driving speed was below 20mph
  18. Bedrug? Anyone else heard of these bedliners or had experience with them?

    I had a complete bed rug system in my F150 - best thing i ever did for the knees and dogs. It held up to a ton of abuse for 10 years. If they haven't thrifted their product highly recommmend.