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  1. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    I got the Gator Trio Hard Folding Tonneau Cover from RealTruck. They gave me 20% off, which made it $50-100 more then generic ones I saw that were similar. Figured if I had any issues, I may get better service with RealTruck. Only been on my new Maverick about a week now. So far so good, no...
  2. Longest wait ?

    I do not know but I've seen people here who have waited well over 500 days.
  3. Help!! Dealer Didn't Apply Private Offer

    If you already have a certificate number, your dealer should still be able to get this worked out after the deal is done. When my certificate wasn't showing up (because original 2022 order wasn't COVP approved, and I work at a Ford dealer) the Ford inventory specialist told my sales manager this...
  4. Seatbelt warning screen...any way to remove?????????

    I thought that might be it, because I usually press "Start" before putting on my seat belt. I just went and tried it out. I sat in the seat, put on seat belt first, then pressed "Start." That window still popped up, just showing that I had seat belt on. And... begging me to press "OK", :ROFLMAO:
  5. Seatbelt warning screen...any way to remove?????????

    I see you have a 2022. I have a 2023 Lariat. In the Info cluster on dash, there is a screen for seatbelts, but if it is unchecked, I still get the "Seatbelt Warning" window popup like in first post of this thread. I have looked in cluster settings as well as the touchscreen above center console...
  6. New Maverick

    Congrats! Happy for y'all, look just like mine I got last week. Enjoy!!
  7. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    That is excellent news! I pray that they get the private offer deal for you as well. It really makes a difference!
  8. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    Ha, yes, you would think it should be relatively easy. What I’ve noticed is a lot of people here are having problems getting their dealer to formally address their issue of the private offer with their inventory specialist. Or, at least properly communicate with customer about it. It is on the...
  9. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    I hear you. That's why I believe it will depend a lot on the sales manager doing your deal.
  10. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    That sounds like it. My sales manager called it a certificate number but it is for the same as you listed, incentive for rollover. Mine was $1750 because my 2022 order was for a Ecoboost.
  11. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    If it's just a typo error, the dealer should be able to get that resolved relatively easy. Good luck!
  12. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    I live in Lake Charles, a little bit down from Hammond, lol. I have driven to and thru Hammond, quite a few times.
  13. Finally Received My Maverick & Private Offer

    My journey was just over a year on my order. I truly feel for others who have waited much, much longer then me. I finally got my 2023 Maverick Lariat Hybrid, with Lux package, Copilot 360 and Copilot 360 Assist, yesterday, 01/26/2023. I absolutely love it. Although purchase date was yesterday...
  14. Another missing private offer - PLEASE HELP

    My story on "Private Offer." My dealer, who I work for, screwed up my offer, related to the 2022 order not being COVP approved. So after I reordered 2023 and it got scheduled for build, I had no private offer on my account. After my truck was built and shipped, it still didn't show up. At that...
  15. Any way to escalate private offer?

    I hear what you are saying, but I don't believe Ford company itself gave me special treatment. I firmly believe it was my sales manager persistence working with Ford that got the private offer approved. Now I do believe my sales manager was more partial to help me because I work at the dealer...
  16. Any way to escalate private offer?

    I wanted to past an update related to my "Private Offer." My dealer, who I work for, screwed up my offer, related to the COVP not being approved. My truck was delivered last Saturday and I went to make the purchase Monday. My sales manager was already working on the private offer with their...
  17. Any way to escalate private offer?

    I'm in the same boat and I work for a Ford Dealer. My truck came in this past Saturday. I'm driving it as a loaner for the moment as they try to rectify the private offer with Ford. My dealer admit they screwed up. My sales manager contacted his inventory specialist Monday last week. He was told...
  18. Four Months

    Congrats! I'm sure you are going to enjoy it!
  19. Will Gator FX Tonneau Cover fit 2023 Maverick?

    I got the " GATOR TRIO HARD FOLD TONNEAU COVER" for my 2023 Maverick. Truck just came in to dealer but haven't done paperwork yet. When I was at Gator web site, it didn't show that it fit the 2023. As stated above, there are no physical changes between 2022 and 2023 models. I emailed them and...
  20. Worst Maverick Wreck I've Seen Yet....

    As a firefighter for 32 years, now retired, I have seen many wrecked vehicles like this and worse. You would be surprised how many people have survived with their vehicle looking like this one and how many have died in wrecks you would consider minor to moderate.