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  1. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    TS stall mat installed.
  2. Anyone have the Rough Country rubber bed mat?

    Here is my TS 4x6 staff mat install. I think it was $60. Tool used - Measurement tape - Good quality carpet/utility knife with new blades - 48" Steel ruler - Drill with course sanding drum attachment YouT gives details on how to cut with utility knife. You just need to patient and be safe when...
  3. Is/will your Maverick be your first truck? Are you new to Ford?

    First Ford and First Truck. Have always had Honda's (civic's, accord's and odyssey's)
  4. WeatherTech vs. TuxMat

    The rear ones also go higher to cover up to the seat edge
  5. WeatherTech vs. TuxMat

    Overlapping Tuxmat with OEM for size and coverage comparison
  6. WeatherTech vs. TuxMat

    My biggest issue with hard plastic type mats is that they are not secured from the edges and have a tendency of curling over. I have become a big fan of Tuxmats. This is my second Tuxmat set that I have installed in the Hybrid Maverick and I could not be happier. When I ordered the truck in...
  7. Worst Maverick Wreck I've Seen Yet....

    I cannot believe the amount of shrapnel the impact has produced. Not sure if this amount of plastic and metal debris is expected or common in such impacts.
  8. Where to get extra XLT key?

    My dealer gave me one key and said they could not find the other one. They said that they will look for it and if its not found they will replace it for me. Bought truck at Chapman Philly. I live about 2 hours away. Asked my local Ford dealer to price it. Local dealer quoted $289 Plus Tax...
  9. Pennsylvania Ford Maverick OEM Floor Liners

    OEM Maverick XLT floor liners. $125. Drove from dealer to home and put back in plastic bag.
  10. Pennsylvania OEM Maverick Hybrid Floor Mats

    Hello, OEM XLT Hybrid Floor Mats, front and rear. Brand new. Located: Harrisburg Pennsylvania Price: $150
  11. Visual Comparison of Different Tires / Tire Sizes on 2022+ Maverick

    The more I read the more I get unsure of which direction to go. Help and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Hybrid XLT here, will keep the OEM rims. Will not be lifting or dropping. Just want a wider and more aggressive tire profile for appearance and performance. Torn between 235 vs 245...
  12. Blacked out Headlights/Brakelights Modification on 22 Mavericks?

    Just a curious question ... wouldn't a light smoke vinyl tint achieve the same. I am thinking of using the ligth smoke vinyl tint to achieve similar look
  13. 400 days

    Got a call from dealer saying that they can order the airbag parts but ONLY for confirmed buyers. So I have to send in my documents and get preapproval for financing which will enable the dealer to put in the order for replacement parts. Once received and recalled airbags are changed, I should...
  14. 400 days

    Hmmm ... I bet I can top that .... 470days and counting HERE!!! Truck sitting at the dealer in Philly and unable to take delivery because of some air bag recall. No word from anyone regarding when any replacement parts be available. Some members here were saying that they were told 1st Quarter...
  15. Went to get my hybrid but came back with nothing

    Ordered 7/29/21 In Production 7/6/22 Built 9/28/22 Shipped 9/28/22 Delivered at Dealer 10/27/22 Dealer said I cannot pick it up due to airbag recall. He does not know when the replacement part will be available.
  16. New vehicle location tracking for New Car Delivery (available to Ford dealers via VinView)

    Don't bother .... been checking for the last 15 months. First you put your order in July 2021 and were told the deliveries for 2022 will be in FALL 2021. Don't ask what happened in the middle but finally got the truck delivered at the dealer on 10/27/22. But Wait .... there is more ... Don't...
  17. Can't take delivery due to side curtain airbag recall

    Pls add me to the "Yes we have your truck but we cannot sell it you" list .... Got a call from Chapman Philly, the truck got delivered to the dealership, but due to side curtain airbags, they cannot sell it. They do not know what the wait time is. They said that they will let me know. Yeah Sure...
  18. Maverick Lettering

    Bought raised black lettering for $12 (aliexpress)
  19. Any early August build dates “built” or “shipped” status yet?

    Norfolk train arrived today 10/21 at Edgemoor Yard in DE. Does anyone know how long does it take for it to be delivered to Chapman in Philadelphia?
  20. Finally - 22 Hybrid XLT, Lux is on its way

    Mine was built and shipped 9/28/22. Original order 7/28/21. Chapman Philly said that the delivery window is 10/27 to 11/2/22. I have been tracking the rail number and its been travelling eastward from IL to PA. I checked today and the train tracker says that its in Conway PA. Someone has...