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  1. New York 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost APT tires $500

    Edit: would prefer to just sell the tires are this time. $500 or if you’re local I’d trade your stock 225/60/18 tires plus $400. Only about 1000 miles on the set up. Asking $1300 Wheels are 18x8” +35 offset and weigh 19lbs. Tires are 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost APT and are all weather & low rolling...
  2. New York Sold: Used Ford Splash Guards $65

    For sale is a used set of Ford splash guards. I took them as partial payment but have decided to go in another direction. $65 Location: Coram, NY
  3. New York Sold: Maverick Steelies $185 or $275 with tires

    Sale pending pick up FS: Maverick steelies, set of 4, with less than 100 miles on them. Asking $275 with tires and TPMS, $185 for just the wheels. Will ship at the buyers expense. Located in Coram, NY
  4. New York Sold: FS: JB4 with wireless kit $450

    Selling my JB4 tuner with wireless smart phone kit. Truck ran a 5.48 0-60mph and a 13.97 1/4 with the canned e30 tune. Although the wireless kit is included the wireless app is a third vendor and can’t be transferred so it will need to be purchased separately. Location: Coram, NY Price: $450...
  5. FS/FT: 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost APT -Long Island, NY

    Figured I may as well cross post for the locals. 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost APT and are all weather, severe snow & low rolling resistance rated tires. $500 or $400 plus your OE 225/60/18 Michelins About 1500 miles on the tires. Open to trades as well. Pickup only. Location: Coram, NY Price: $500...
  6. New York Sold: FS/FT Gator Soft Trifold - $105

    I picked up a Bak X4s from Real Truck and will be selling my Gator. Open to trades as well. Pickup only. Location: Coram, NY Price: $105
  7. New York Sold: FS/FT: PC18 Pedal Commander

    Works well with both the hybrid and Ecoboost drivetrains, but better verifiable results with the hybrid. I’d consider selling or trading for other Maverick parts for my EcoBoost. https://pedalcommander.com/products/ford-maverick Location: Coram, NY Price: $180 I’d also ‘accept’ FordPass points...
  8. New York WTT: Framed Autographed Lawrence Taylor Jersey

    Anyone interested in trading Maverick parts or Ford points an autographed LT jersey? Comes with COA. Would sell outright for $400
  9. New York Sold: Used RaceChip GTS $300

    Sold pending payment. For sale is a used RaceChip GTS with Bluetooth. Solid performance gain on the ol butt dyno. My Granger order has been selected for production and I’m looking to run an e30 tune which the RaceChip isn’t designed for. It’s still installed and will remain on the truck until...
  10. New York Sold: No longer available

  11. 18x8 VORS SP1 Wheels + 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost ATP Tires Installed on Hybrid Maverick

    Edit: they’ve now made their way over to my Ecoboost XL. Yes it’s a hybrid with AT-lite tires. Wheels are 18x8” +35 offset and weigh 19lbs. Tires are 235/60/18 Nokian Outpost ATP and weigh 28.7lbs which should result in a net loss of 1lb per corner. If you’re looking for a similar set up or...
  12. Minimum inner diameter for wheels - to clear calipers?

    Has anyone measured the minimum ID needed to clear the calipers?
  13. New York Sold: FT/FS: 18” Focus ST Snowflakes

    Would anyone be interested in trading for a set of 18” Focus ST snowflakes? I’d also consider selling for $350 plus shipping. Located in Coram, NY
  14. Any NY hybrids with a window sticker?

    Does anyone have a window sticker yet? If so, has it updated?
  15. New York Sold: FS: XLT tires or XLT wheels/tires LI,NY

    Sale pending! Edit: I now have the Maverick and am just waiting on the new wheels to arrive. Asking $850 for the wheels & tires. I’d ship, but at the buyer’s expense. Jumping the gun a bit here since my hybrid XLT is still a month away from being built (and still no official OKTB), but figured...