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  1. TPMS sensors are model year specific?

    Yes, the local tire place charges $60 per TPM and for my rim, winter tire bundle it was an extra $27 per wheel from Tire Rack. Have no proof but they claimed it is the same OEM Ford uses but would not have the Ford part number on them.
  2. Maverick EB vs Hybrid MPG with fueleconomy.gov Calculator

    For me it was not all dollar and sense, but psychological. I got out of a 2003 Dodge Dakota 4 door that got around 19.2 mpg and driving over 30k and in 2008. Sadly said uncle and did not have a truck again until the Maverick. Told myself would not by a truck again unless it was about the same...
  3. Rail and Cleat system worth it?

    It's free with the bed liner. The spray-in is $495 with promotion for the free rails, which is way under ordered. Do think it's handy. Especially since I have a tri-fold tonneau cover so moving the cleats to just past the 1/3 part that leave on. Did this moving my daughter with another Ford...
  4. Two thirds of truck owners don't tow, one third truck owners don't haul

    The only major haul has been moving my daughter out of her apartment back to my house. Now have two women in the house and need more out of the home hobbies. :whistle: Will be looking for an 8 x 5 trailer to move her out. Then a happy dance. :D
  5. Has the "Official Ford Account" helped anyone?

    Yes, create a ticket, so if the problem re-appears later have evidence that started around 500 miles. It was my decision not to make an appointment with the dealer, as they are 50 minutes away and if a problem is not consistent, they just say they could not reproduce the issue.
  6. Should I swap to a EB???

    Think if it's a bit hilly, there are opportunities to pick up a little bit electric miles. Think over all you would loose a little bit. The choice is yours and speed matters. If it's mostly near 50mph, keep the hybrid, but at 75mph, not so much.
  7. Floor jack adapter?

    Have you used the floor jack one. Rubber looks good and hope the 3/8 is wide enough, so asking. Also will need if it will fit inside my harbor Freight Daytona floor jack. Know they said it would on the questions so looks good. Did think this DIY adapter was interesting.
  8. Hybrid shudder recall

    Hoping my issue that happened twice after 500 miles and once that was medium at 630 miles was a break in or MidnightBlue learning my driving. Currently near 3k and really has not reared it's head again. Fingers crossed and feel bad for others that have it more constantly. But mine was around 30...
  9. New Member from Wisconsin

    Welcome and hope you conitue having fun!
  10. 📬 1/12/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Congratulations!. Also Ordered from Gervais Ford, Ayer MA. Ordered Oct 25, 2021 and picked it up on Oct 24, 2022. Happy to see.
  11. Floor Jack & Jack Stand(s) at Pinch Welds

    Definitely let us know with a linky. Did get the Daytona 3 ton for the 18-1/4 lift and thanks for others that suggested the Daytona and 3 ton. The link should show the coupon that the $169.99 is $30 of and paid the $139.99 today. https://go.harborfreight.com/email/2022/12/180024-56642/
  12. October Hybrid Orders United

    Great news, but as always patience is required. Getting a date to populate under the 'In Production' is next. Then it will be shortly to being Built and Shipped. Then starts the next second hardest wait moving on the rails, followed by the hardiest part of waiting on a hauler. So happy your...
  13. Floor Jack & Jack Stand(s) at Pinch Welds

    Thanks and perhaps this is one of the many reasons people recommended the 2 or 3 ton.
  14. Floor Jack & Jack Stand(s) at Pinch Welds

    Wow, I'll keep checking for the $49.99 coupon. Why step up from 1.5 ton to 2 or 3 ton if only changing a tire. The Daytona 1.5 ton rapid rise as current price 134.99 and yes the 2 ton is $209.99.
  15. October Hybrid Orders United

    Very happy you got the private offer stuff and perhaps see your window sticker shortly.
  16. Floor Jack & Jack Stand(s) at Pinch Welds

    How high does the jack need to go for changing tires. Was looking at this one hoping to catch a sale. The concern since it's a low-profile jack that it will raise the truck high enough and believe it is 14inch. The factory jack takes forever to get high enough and my back does not like it...
  17. XLT Maverick Tremor Avalanche Rokblokz with Flares Installed

    Congrats and enjoy!!!! Oh ya, more videos of fun.
  18. Android Auto "COOLWALK" split screen (public stable release) working on my base XL Maverick!

    Yes, have it and is the second time I ever connected my phone with a usb as been using a beanbag mount Garmin sitting in the eyeglase dash just above the screen. Only had my Mav for 2 months and really liked Garmin up high so never have to look down for my current speed and seeing the speed...
  19. October Hybrid Orders United

    One day is minor compared to the other delays.
  20. Wireless Android Auto Options

    Checked on the Motorola today at Best Buy. It was 69.99 supposedly $30 off. Probably will not get it but time will tell. local Best Buy Price