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  1. Anyone else getting progress texts?

    So on 12/10 I get a text from an unknown number that says "Hello John your Maverick has been built and has left the plant. Next stop is Nogales, AZ". I sort of ignored it thinking it was an automated text. Today I get another one: "Your Maverick has arrived at Nogales, AZ. Next stop is...
  2. Surprise Phone Call From Dealer

    I got a phone call from my dealer today to let me know that he was monitoring my order and just got a notice from Ford that it is going into production next week. Now I had already received an email from Ford with a build week of 11/28 so I was aware (but honestly expecting to get pushed back)...
  3. If the Hybrid was offered in AWD, FX4 and Tremor versions just like the EcoBoost which would you buy?

    Assuming the engine cost is the same cost, and the AWD, FX4 or Tremor versions were offered in either hybrid or Ecoboost. So the only difference is the engine / transmission choice. Better mileage on the hybrid, more horsepower / torque on the EcoBoost.
  4. Will Ford increase production of Mavericks?

    For 2022 model year, Ford sold out (well over sold) its production capacity and stopped orders about 6 months into the year. Much less than that for hybrids. For 2023 model year it appears they might sell out the full year's production in less than 2 weeks. So will they (can they?) increase...
  5. The Maverick is the Prius for people who wouldn't be caught dead in a Prius!

    I drove a Prius for just under 10 years, 110,000 miles and really liked the vehicle. But I have to admit I didn't like the jokes and abuse Prius drivers had to put up with. Especially since my family is mostly a "truck" family. So not only Jay Leno but most of my cousins just couldn't help...