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  1. (XL & XLT) Update for Infotainment System 01/07/23

    Looks like there's a new update for the infotainment system for Sync Lite/2.5. Downloading as I type this. New version: G2.1.0.1_R22362A (446MB) Previous version: G2.0.0.1_R22285A No clue what's been updated, hopefully it fixes the audio popping issues (happens sporadically). Your luck may...
  2. Paint peeling where bumper and fenders meet

    Just noticed today while walking around my Maverick that the paint (soft and easily scratch/chip) is peeling between the fender and plastic bumper. On most vehicles there's a bit of a gap to account for flexing. Though, on the Maverick it seems to be clipped tightly together. Issue seems to...