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  1. Auto lights staying on all the time when driving

    Has anyone have this problem of having all the lights (headlights, taillights, etc.) being on, when driving, both day and night when the light switch is in the auto mode? Recently changed the parking light bulbs to Canbus Led switchback bulbs.
  2. Blue Cone on Full Size Spare Tire

    Does anyone know what the blue cone is on the full size spare tire. It has a split in it from top to bottom. I think it was just there for shipping and I removed it. I would hated to have discovered it on a dark rainy night while changing a flat tire. The tire will not come off the cable with...
  3. Toliver Ford - Mineola, TX

    Picked up my Cactus Grey XLT hybrid today from Toliver Ford. What a great dealer and buying experience. A big Thumbs Up! No ADMs, did everything I asked, kept to their verbal quoted price of MSRP given when I ordered. No deposit required. Everyone I dealt with at Toliver was A#1. Best car...
  4. Order Question

    A question? I have A DORA? I think. I have a paper give to me from my dealer. That has my truck specs; my name; dealer rep's name; Order Type - Retail; Priority Code - 10 ( I know this is good); Order Code - R200; and Sales Code - F52450. Does the Order Code & Sales Code mean anything? I...