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  1. Caulk blocked

    I went to put the cab spoiler on only to discover that I needed a caulk gun! Buying things to put my accessories on is just a symptom of my accessoritis. I can live with the disease.
  2. Maverick hybrid handles standing water

    I probably should not have done this. My Mav, in Slippery, handled it like a champ. “Oh, my god.”
  3. Maverick replacement

    I found a replacement for my Mav. Yeah right! https://www.thedrive.com/news/this-six-wheeled-porsche-944-pickup-took-26-years-to-build-now-its-for-sale
  4. Maverick sales more than doubled Santa Cruz in 2022

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/ford-maverick-outsells-hyundai-santa-cruz-by-more-than-double-in-2022 Not surprising. Santa Cruz is meth and the boardwalk. Mavericks is one of the most respected big wave surf spots. It’s in the name! Hyundai sold 36,480 units Maverick sold 74,370 units (= one...
  5. Misery loves company

    I had carpal tunnel surgery on Wednesday and I’m struggling. This is my only social media. Who can commiserate with me?
  6. Maverick doing good deeds

    I picked up 880 pounds of fresh produce! We are making food bags for our students for the holidays. I was stressing that my Mav couldn’t handle it. I hope I didn’t overdo it!
  7. Desperate Dealerwives

  8. Farley playing hardball with dealers

  9. Loudest XLT radio listener

    It’s been a slow day on the MTC so I thought I’d mix it up a bit! Who listens to their XLT radio the loudest? I’ve been scared to push mine past 15, but I need it louder. I think 20 should be fine. Speakers better be able to handle 66% of max.
  10. Surprises after 9 months

    After owning my Mav for 9 months I discovered that the superfluous cubby next to the infotainment has a removable insert at the base. I can’t wait to make modifications to the cubby’s uselessness! Make it with Mav. Yes, the gloves are a little small and I’ve been having some issues with my...
  11. Mav gave me confidence

    I’m not sure what happened to the old me, but the Mav owning me replaces brake light bulbs in my wife’s Sorrento! I know it’s small time for some people, but this was huge for me.
  12. Unexpected interior wear

    I must get out of the car like I get out of bed on Christmas! Damn.
  13. Coming up 7s

    One in a million chance doc, one in a million chance. I have $5 burning a hole in my pocket that is going towards the lottery!
  14. Maverick hauling rocks.

    No apologies. Truck stuff!
  15. Console organizer with orange

    I ordered the Yee Pin console organizer from Amazon and received it sooner than expected. I got the orange inserts. It fits great and actually makes the console 3 separate areas. I go from least used items on the bottom to most on top. Eye drops and my badge on top. Hardworking stoner!
  16. Cab spoiler

    I’ve run out of inexpensive accessories to get so I’m thinking of getting the cab spoiler. If you have one, how are you liking it? Anyone have good pictures? Thanks!
  17. Window deflectors installed

    I just finished putting on the window deflectors. I messed up the alignment on the driver’s side for sure. Classic me! My wife said she liked the look so money well spent. Unfortunately, I’m running out of low cost accessories to put on my Mav!
  18. Horizontal bed net installed. So confused.

    It was my bday back in March so naturally I asked for Mav accessories. I sent my mom the link for the horizontal bed net as seen in the screenshot. Something must have happened on Ford’s end because horizontal is now vertical. I exchanged the first net thinking it was wrong and got the same kind...
  19. First longer drive hybrid MPG.

    Sac 2 da Bay. So. Much. Wind. I can live with the number.
  20. Waterless wash opinions

    I saw this waterless wash at Costco. Has anyone used it or something similar? I mostly want it to give me another reason to spend time with my truck!