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  1. What I got instead of waiting for my Maverick Tremor

    Ngl pretty excited to have this built. LOL with the bike rack *always* in the way - this is like our #2 reason for the Mav. We have 4 FS bikes in the family and many trailheads that are within a 10-15 min drive but it's just a little too far (and too far up the mountain) for kids to ride to...
  2. What I got instead of waiting for my Maverick Tremor

    Nice, enjoy! I think we must have very similar uses in mind, as the Renegade Trailhawk was one of the few vehicles I seriously considered last summer - but then Ford announced the Tremor in August and used cars of any kind were absolutely impossible to find.
  3. Using the Maverick truck bed?

    That's awesome and hilarious, I drove behind a SportTrac the other day which was in unbelievably great shape. Initially thought it was a Maverick and had to do a double take! Did you have to modify the extender any to fit?
  4. It's (Almost) Alive! Canadian Tremor window sticker

    My XLT Tremor switched into production yesterday, and this just showed up. I have heard of maybe one or two Tremors built and on the way up here already, but I don't think we've seen a sticker with NRC fuel mileage numbers yet. Excited to have mine get built next week! Edit: Grrrrr, looks...
  5. Could this potential RAM 1200 come to the US?

    Unless they retool a plant in the USMCA to build it, this is never coming to North America thanks to the chicken tax.
  6. "Scheduled to Week" added to the Ford Tracker?

    As a former UI designer, I'd say to distinguish a currently active step which is "in progress" (moving through its secondary statuses) versus reserving the checkmarks for primary statuses that are fully complete and no longer current.
  7. "Scheduled to Week" added to the Ford Tracker?

    Mine too, looks like they mislabelled that field or are populating it with [day if assigned, otherwise week]. My build week was scheduled as 1/30 back in December (which oddly matches what they show as the most recent tracker update) but the 2/2 date displayed is my build day which was just...
  8. "Scheduled to Week" added to the Ford Tracker?

    I don't recall if this step is usually shown on the Tracker, and couldn't find a similar screenshot with a cursory forum search. Is this a new feature getting rolled out, or just my imagination? If the former, it might partially explain all the screwy data the page has been throwing lately...
  9. Yakima roof rack (for kayaks) installed on Maverick

    Love it! I know that a rack over the cab is somewhat unusual for pickups, but... I plan on doing the Baseline and FatCats for snowboarding. Can't think of a more versatile solution as the bed isn't big enough for boards, luggage, and gear for a family of 4, and a bed rack gets in the way of...
  10. Adding one touch window switch to XL

    It's not trivial - the motor assemblies and wiring harnesses are completely different. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/swapping-for-one-touch-up-down-switches-on-xl-xlt.23507/
  11. More Tremor tech from TTC

    Thanks for posting this. This is a great and balanced review for how most of us are honestly and actually going to use our Tremors. I mean, decent off-road performance plus on-road driving dynamics and exhilaration that blow away a TRD Pro and with an engine they cite in the same field as...
  12. Engine cover installed

    I would if I had a Maverick to install it on.
  13. F-150 Fog Lamp Switch and Wire Harness Installed in Maverick - DIY

    Nice work! Especially tapping the BCM and matching it up with switchgear in Forscan. That's some admirable reverse engineering.
  14. Atlas Blue Tremor Maverick delivered in North Eastern PA

    Looks amazing - thanks for the pictures from the lift! Tremors are supposed to be dirty. 😊
  15. Engine cover installed

    If you really want an engine cover, the corresponding Lincoln EB one is still in production, is about the same price, and has the same part number with a "B" at the end - K2GZ-6A949-B. I just received one, and it looks exactly the same as the Ford part, except with that sweet, sweet Lincoln...
  16. XLT Maverick Tremor Avalanche Rokblokz with Flares Installed

    Congrats! Looks like there was a small avalanche there. ;)
  17. Why Buy a Maverick?

    Here was my dilemma for the longest time. Weekdays: need an economical commuter/grocery-getter/kid shuttle as a 2nd vehicle because young, active family with kids living in a busy suburb with traffic, tight roads, limited parking. Weekends: same family likes to go a fair distance into the...
  18. 📈 Maverick December 2022 and Full-Year Sales & Production Numbers

    The next-gen Ranger was also primarily designed for the global market at Ford R&D in Australia.
  19. Is Ford Canada still accepting orders true or false

    I haven't checked with my dealer in a while, but even if they can input a hybrid order (which I believe they still can), these are all constrained at the factory, so you would be waiting for a build date beside our American friends for a long time - since parts are the issue rather than...
  20. Canada order bank still open for order true or false

    Replied in the duplicate Canada thread you posted. Order banks still open here in Canada, 4-5 month wait for non-constrained EB builds.