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  1. Maverick vs Corvette

    except it’s been out for 3 model years and into the 4th now. So the number would be 75k assuming the same per year. 2020, 2021, 2022, and now they’re on 2023s not to mention c8s are probably slightly more location dependent (weather, economic) than mavericks. Just a thought
  2. Maverick vs Corvette

    The c8 has been a thing for 3 model years though. 2020-2022 and now 23
  3. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    so what’s that mean for a tremor non lux? Lmao this is ridiculous.
  4. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Anyone notice almost every one posted here thats been scheduled is LUX?
  5. One day someone will do this to the truck

    They already have happened? 10% of new car sales last year were EVs. you realize an infrastructure bill was passed last year as well? These things don’t magically pop up. They take time and investment.
  6. Ford on the Clock - 2023 Colorado Trail Boss Ordered

    Trail boss or WT with options are great values. LT not so much. Putting an order in soon for one myself.
  7. Should I be expecting another 45-Day email, or was that a one time thing?

    Has anyone stopped getting them entirely? Both my and my mothers orders stopped getting 45 days emails beginning of Nov does that mean anything?
  8. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Time to go put an order in for a Colorado. Enough of this. Scheduling out until end of March? sept 2022 to may 2023 just to build a prio 10 ecoboost tremor that’s under ordered? Nah @Ford Motor Company
  9. Special orders finding there way to retail lot

    Wait what? You don’t know whatcha paid? There’s 7k in markup on the sticker you posted.
  10. Available Lairat, Cactus Gray, FX4, AWD

    Did you forget to mention the price or..?
  11. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    you countered a claim no one made. unless I missed it… I didn’t see anyone say anything about 1000 miles a month, nor did you mention a markup that the OP did. I was using the numbers provided by the previous user and the markup example originally posted. But so let’s use your numbers then...
  12. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    what? It doesn’t even have a much larger resale RIGHT NOW and you think when the market corrects and mavericks aren’t in high demand it will be that much higher to make up the markup? Doubtful. so again, assuming that was even true, paying $4k on the frontside in hopes you’ll recover $4K in...
  13. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    smart move. If everyone behaved like this the markups would be close to non existent.
  14. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    Sure. Then I’ll use those numbers and add a $5k markup as well. Should I then put the ecoboost at 37 since someone has gotten 37 combined before? Of course not. that is literally the entire point of this. It is extremely dumb to pay a markup “to save gas”.
  15. Dealing with the Dealership

    Dealers lie all the time because they are lazy.
  16. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    Nothing to even argue about it. What good is saving 2k on gas if you spent 4k to do it? This also ignores everything else about the maverick that is meant to be BUDGET. The more the markup, the more the plastic budget makeup of the vehicle makes less sense. Whatever helps ppl convince...
  17. Maverick available at my dealer w/ markup

    that doesn’t even make mathematical sense… assuming 37 and 25 combined MPG for the hybrid and eco respectively and 700 miles a month driven and gas at $4 a gallon (the national average is actually $3.44 right now), that’s $908.10 per year for the hybrid and $1,344 for the eco. that is not at...
  18. "Scheduled to Week" added to the Ford Tracker?

    Anyone notice that the tracker has been showing ppl the incorrect packages and that the ford maverick inventory search details doesn't match the truck being shown? Looks like they added the above to further inform customers, but also introduced bugs lol.
  19. Next-Gen 2024 Tacoma Spied Hiding Production Body

    Sure, if I end up loving it enough to keep, that's never a bad thing. However, not sure how you got to 50k? The below not only meets my tremors build, but exceeds it in many other areas. SR5 build...
  20. Clean-Up Scheduling for week of 1/26/23

    can’t wait for my prio 10 only tremor at my dealer to be passed up again :) *maybe if I jinx it I’ll get scheduled*