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  1. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    Vehicle capacity weight Santa Cruz is 1411 lbs to 1609 lbs based on trim and powertrain. Towing is 3500 lbs to 5000 lbs. Similar to Maverick.
  2. Buying Maverick for out-of-state son

    If he is college student not a problem to keep the insured address the NC home address. Rare that college address would be used for insurance purposes. If you have a good agent they can confirm. Title and plate using parents home address is the norm also.
  3. Buying Maverick for out-of-state son

    Title truck in both your names. Remove your name and gift the truck to him at your convenience after tax, title, registration are completed.
  4. 22 XL

    If you need a wiring kit below is info from another post. GA Hotpepper
  5. Two thirds of truck owners don't tow, one third truck owners don't haul

    Survey data from vehicle research firm Strategic Vision shows a third of today’s pickup owners rarely or never use their truck for hauling, while two-thirds rarely or never use it for towing. source AXIOS Article is focused on big trucks, not compact trucks like Maverick. Will you actually...
  6. Worst Maverick Wreck I've Seen Yet....

    It would not even qualify for pick and pull yard.
  7. 📜 Updated Commodity Constraints List as of 1/23/23

    Fix the hitch constraint. Has to be an interesting story on why supply of wiring and hitch can't be increased.
  8. Worst Maverick Wreck I've Seen Yet....

    Same. Not a lot of usable left on this one.
  9. Black roof vinyl, light tinted headlights, dark tinted tail lights on Maverick

    Illegal in Illinois - Driving a vehicle with a smoked or tinted lens or cover is also not permitted, as stated in Chapter 12, Section 12-212. Rarely enforced. Engineer at my place of work received a ticket in 2022 while driving his WRX STI. Anecdotally only person I know ticketed for...
  10. (Article) 2024 Ford Ranger For North America Spied Without Any Camouflage

    July 10th 2023 is reported first day of production 2024 Ranger. Bit later than expected.
  11. Ford Maverick is Huge next to the Ford Courier

    Courier 189 inches long Maverick 199 inches long I owned a 1978 Courier. Served me well.
  12. Broncos being cancelled... will this happen to Hybrid Maverick orders down the road?

    If I don't receive a 2023 and have to start all over again in 2024 then I won't be buying Maverick or any Ford. If Ford can't manage a build to order system then don't take any orders and just allocate production to dealers.
  13. (Article) 2024 Ford Ranger For North America Spied Without Any Camouflage

    2023 Ranger the orders are closing. And no transition offer for 2023 orders not selected for production.
  14. Why get the 2023 XLT trim??

    Aftermarket Webasto/Hollandia is better unit than used on the Maverick. $1250 to $1500 aftermarket installer. I wanted XL Hybrid, ordered XLT Hybrid on advice of salesperson and formum that XL Hybrid was very constrained and limited my odds of being scheduled.
  15. Confirmed. Steelie as full size spare does fit

    In our household with multiple vehicles we have used spare 8 times in past 5 years. We have been stranded on a road trip about 10 years ago due to temp spare failure due to pothole. On a Sunday, Monday was a holiday. We had to wait until Tuesday to get replacement tire. Full size spare tire is...
  16. Buying a Maverick to Pass the Time

    You will pay tax, registration, plates, dealer doc fee. How much will you get back when you purchase the second Maverick?
  17. Did Ford remove the center console ambient lighting on ALL MY23 trims?! (Answer: YES! as confirmed by multiple MY23 owners of all trims)

    If was a Job 2 change. It's discussed many times on the forum. Never is a long time and you lost your credibility.
  18. My dealer claims there's a recall on my Maverick and he can't sell it

    2022 Carbon Gray XLT Fx4, CP360, Lux, 4K. Ordered 12/28/22 Delivery 11/26/22 Central Indiana Maverick's name is Mowgli Your order and delivery dates are very Back to the Future.
  19. Hydroplaning Hybrid vs AWD EcoBoost?

    The factors involved in hydroplaning are tire pressure, tire tread, speed, and weight. Number of driven wheels doesn't matter. Agree.
  20. Good Deal For Those Who Don't Want To Wait - Lariat Hybrid

    Is this still available?