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  1. Mothercuddler! Truck is likely a write-off from being rear-ended

    My Insurance company paid 25K to repair my Truck and I have no regrets as to having it repaired instead of being totaled except for the 3 months time getting parts and doing repairs.
  2. F-150 Fog Lamp Switch and Wire Harness Installed in Maverick - DIY

    Antonio, You are definitely "Da Man" I met you at the Va Maverick Meet-up back in Nov. I put Fog Lights on My Maverick 2 times so far and yours is certainly much more professional and Factory looking. I had to cut an opening in the bumper as I have Tow Hooks. My Fog lights are fixed because of...
  3. My Lariat was rear-ended on the way to work. Devastated

    Really sorry about your accident but believe me I know how you feel.I had an accident with my Area 51 Larriat 2 months after it was purchased. took 3 months and 25,000 in insurance money to make repairs. A lot of that time was waiting on parts. The accident was in another state so I had to rely...
  4. DIY Video: Adding Eco and Sport Mode using FORScan (on my Maverick Lariat FX4 & 4K Package)

    After watching your video I ordered the OBDlink EX from Amazon and downloaded Forscan Software and 1 year License. Had software right away and received OBD Connector Cable same day. License for 1 year was 12.00 and cable was 50.00. Had the 2 modes enabled in a couple of hours. Could do it again...
  5. RIP buddy, it was a fun 5k miles

    Sorry about your accident but as you can see from my first Picture I wrecked My Maverick as well. Accident was 250 miles from home. That was the worst part as I depended on all my updates coming from the Ford Dealer that I had the truck Towed too. It took almost 3 months for them to get the...