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  1. Maverick hybrid towed out by a Subaru

    Ok all you Maverick Hybrid drivers, reality time: Your truck is a CAR. Don't be taking it off road or through the mud. You bought the wrong truck for that. Sincerely, a fellow hybrid owner.
  2. Tremor colors, choose wisely.

    To me the orange Tremor accents really limit which colors will look good. So far black and Avalanche Gray are the best to my eye
  3. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    Look what Tesla does to it's customers. It's pricing goes up and down at random, it's service sucks, they steal back software features people paid for etc, etc. It wouldn't be better without dealers. At least with dealers customers have options as to which competing business to go to. With the...
  4. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I'm aware. But short of suing the dealer I won't get my money. We already know that Ford Motor is no help with this. They should've just sent us the money directly or offered a special rebate instead of giving the money to the dealer, expecting them all to do the right thing.
  5. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I was told I had to pick between the low interest rate and the price protection, so at the time I chose rate. Complaining after the fact got the GM to say "if Ford sends us price protection money for you, we will send it to you." That was 3 months ago. I console myself with the 1.9% for 60 month...
  6. Another Maverick Customer Screwed by their Dealer

    I guess I should feel lucky that my dealer only stole my price protection money ($1300).
  7. Let’s try to fix this major hybrid issue together

    This is the frustrating part with these automakers and dealers. The Maverick hybrid uses the exact same system as the Escape hybrid, so anyone with half a brain would automatically look for any similar issues/fixes that exist for the Escape, but no one seems to ever do that.
  8. Dealer fees

    My dealer only charged $325 for a doc fee, which is comically low for my state (CT). I paid double that at a Chevy dealer a couple months before I picked up the Maverick. I didn't get charged any other dealer fees
  9. HEV transportation electrification fee in WA state

    Yeah, what's fun is that they charge the vehicle property tax on the book value, so everyone driving an old vehicle had their property tax go UP this last summer.
  10. Ghost in the machine?

    That has happened to me in multiple previous vehicles. Chalk it up to computers. Who knows.
  11. Mandatory Yearly State Safety Inspection Results for 2022 Maverick Hybrid

    My state has no inspection process whatsoever. Just emissions every 2 years, starting after 4 years on a new vehicle. I can't imagine having to show up every single year
  12. 📈 Maverick December 2022 and Full-Year Sales & Production Numbers

    Aside from the higher profit margins Lincoln can get by reusing Ford platforms, Lincolns are sold in other countries as well. Lincoln sells more vehicles in China than in the US, for example.
  13. A ‘No S**T’ Maverick captured on film!

    There are enough dog owners who don't want to clean up their own yards to make this a viable business. Crazy but true.
  14. Couldn’t wait on Ford any longer..

    Very different. Toyota builds what it wants - what it CAN build, then the customers are just putting deposits on that. Ford is taking orders for what it CAN'T build, then making people wait. Toyota isn't taking custom orders directly from the customers, Ford is.
  15. Couldn’t wait on Ford any longer..

    There's a big difference between putting a deposit on an already built vehicle that's already in transit and putting in a custom build order. Does Toyota even offer their customers the option to build specific option combinations, or do the Toyota dealers just let you put a deposit on vehicles...
  16. HEV transportation electrification fee in WA state

    Yup. The same thing has happened with my local utility. For years they have been promoting energy efficiency in homes, and funding programs to help with that, but now they are crying about the lost revenue due to energy efficiency, and say they need to raise rates.
  17. HEV transportation electrification fee in WA state

    They should. I am just laughing at they way it's worded. It's like if they wanted to encourage motherhood, then passed a $500 per birth tax. My state (blue state CT) actually charges a LOWER registration fee to EVs, and the same registration for hybrids as for regular ICE vehicles. CT gets you...
  18. HEV transportation electrification fee in WA state

    I love it. "We intend to support the purchase of electrified vehicles by making it more expensive to do so." Could there be a more "government" statement?
  19. Let's talk numbers. Hybrid vs Ecoboost $$,$$$

    It's funny how buyers decide what to buy. Convertibles only get bought in the summer, as if winter will never come. Hybrid only get bought when gas is expensive, as if it will never go back down, and V8s only get bought when gas is cheap, as if it will never go back up.
  20. Heated Seats not working (less than 30 degrees outside)

    MIne too. The steering wheel gets very hot as well.