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  1. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    I priced by size without having any vehicle selected if I remember correctly.
  2. Geeting out of Park Issue- Hybrid

    Duh! Yeppers, sorry bout that.
  3. Geeting out of Park Issue- Hybrid

    I suppose that we need to carry a jump box to provide 12v using the posts under the hood to power relays to place in neutral "tow me" mode. Or maybe hvb will have enough sic to start ice
  4. Which aftermarket hitch?

    Curt also has relay setup with T connectors that plug in between tail lights and tail light pig tails. It has its own 12 volt from battery or fuze panel to furnish power for trailer. It uses very very little if any current from trucks circuit. In addition curt has a WiFi brake controller that...
  5. Ford has really gotten fast in its production process 🤣

    Had to wait for next train or more to get enough at rail yard to fill a truck headed in your direction.🤗
  6. Ford has really gotten fast in its production process 🤣

    Mine showed up yesterday as built but today is in production. Dealer states mines shows in body shop today. It's a hybrid XLT with hitch, inverter, & tail gate anti theft clamp.
  7. Hybrid dead... again

    Under the tray/phone holder in the console passenger side is a little door that flips up which reveals a cable to release the park gear. CORRECTION: NOT AVAILABLE IN HYBRID?
  8. Gps navigation hood visors

    Aaaaaahhhhhh! He wants an "eyebrow" for his screen on his dash!!!
  9. "Scheduled to Week" added to the Ford Tracker?

    What I want is a pizza tracker with more toppings. One for each item with an A for available or C for constrained. 🤸👌👍👍
  10. DIY Tailgate Power Lock using Control/Actuator from Ranger

    Is the harness (14405 on ranger) the same number on all hybrid maverick trims???? If so then the maverick has an "A" or a "B" pig tail. ???
  11. Pizza Tracker Meaning?

    So now if it's filled in with yellow what will that mean? Is train slowing down? And red it's parked?
  12. Thule XSporter Mid Pro Bed Rack is a great fit on 2022 Maverick!

    Aaarrrgggg! I cannot resist maybe the manufacturer hird a new guy and told him they had a rack ordered for a maverick that had been lowered?🤗
  13. Clean-Up Scheduling for week of 1/26/23

    My bare boned Hybrid XLT + Hitch & inverter ordered 12/10/21 has been built and is in body shop today 1/24/23🥰
  14. Ford Maverick Hybrid - NEW Tractor Mode Unlocked ( 3000 miles)

    Good to know. I let others do all maintenance etc. I would expect if any sensor has an out of expected range condition a code would be posted but my experience is that most computer programmers do not adequately consider all conditions. Usually because of time constraints given to get code...
  15. XLT Maverick Tremor Avalanche Rokblokz with Flares Installed

    Mine is building this week!✅✅✅ 1/24/23 Looked and pizza shows mine is waiting for delivery!!!✅✅✅
  16. Ford Maverick Hybrid - NEW Tractor Mode Unlocked ( 3000 miles)

    I have questioned before if when idling and electrical demand was low and the ice being ran with hvb battery temp not high enough to accept max amp would it be possible to run ice on two cylinders in order to save fuel???? Also this could be related to software glitch???
  17. Ford Maverick Hybrid - NEW Tractor Mode Unlocked ( 3000 miles)

    Per manual If low coolant fluid detected to help prevent overheating ice will run on two cylinders. Could some being placed into two cylinder mode based on a faulty sensor???? Edit: maybe an air bubble at the sensor?? On my lariat I noticed that my reservoir showed about 1/16" of radiator...
  18. Dang, Carmax!

    Probably had buyers already lined up. When I got trade in price for 2012 CR-V from my dealer they were disappointed when I later told them I gave it to my granddaughter to go to college! 🤗. I suspect the had buyers lined up!
  19. Monitoring Hybrid Battery State-Of-Charge

    Slippery has less Regen capture to put into battery so it can coast further and has less rate of speed reduction. You will reduce the conversion loss of momentum to battery storage and the conversion loss from battery to momentum. You also need to drive in a manner to not waste the momentum...
  20. (RESOLVED) NEED HELP Dealership adding on extra items I did not order and it is against the law in Florida.

    Watch out for instantly paying off the loan. Some will have a sizeable prepayment penalty in first one to three years but could be anything you accept to do when you sign the loan. Also consider getting approval for your loan before going to dealer as they can get a "commission/referral fee"...