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  1. Buy or Lease?

    Things you need to consider other than rates - how many miles do you put on in a year? That can be fairly restrictive in a lease and expensive if you exceed it but don't want to keep the vehicle at lease end. Turning back a lease car can also be problematic unless you keep it in absolutely...
  2. What is driving huge demand of Super Duty trucks?

    I used to tow an enclosed car trailer with an F-150. After a wind gust on I-90 put me in the next lane before I could react, I moved up to a SuperDuty. If you are contractor, hauling anything of significant weight, plowing snow, etc., a 3/4 or 1-ton truck is a much better choice than a 1/2-ton.
  3. Flashing red and green light under the dash near dead pedal

    The main advantage to the LoJack (in MA, at least) is that MSP or local cops with LoJack receivers cruising the area can pick it up and pinpoint the exact location. FordPass would require the owner to track the vehicle and relay the information, assuming the vehicle is somewhere it's able to...
  4. How to play iTunes on my Maverick?

    Unless something fundamental has changed since I last had an iPhone, all you need to do is sync your music to your phone and then choose your phone as the audio source on the infotainment screen in the Maverick. If your phone is paired for Bluetooth, the music should play. If it's not, that's...
  5. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    One of the things I forgot to mention is that the Putco LED taillights have a bright amber sequential turn signal, so that was sequencing while I was stopped waiting to turn. She didn't see any of it until it was too late.
  6. Questionable dealer tactics, starring Killeen Auto (Killeen, TX)

    I guess it's a bit different for the Navy (which is what I was). Most of those assigned to the base only get 2-3 years of shore duty before being reassigned to sea duty, so there is a relatively small percentage that stays on a base long-term. The dealers outside the base work that turnover to...
  7. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    There is pretty much nothing one can do to prevent a distracted driver from rear-ending your vehicle. My 2014 Wrangler has aftermarket LED taillights, the spare tire ring brake light, the 3rd brake light, red halo brake lights on the rear-facing cubes, and the 18" Putco blade light bar on the...
  8. Questionable dealer tactics, starring Killeen Auto (Killeen, TX)

    Last week I flew air support for my son who needed a new car. We ended up at a Mazda dealer near us and found a CX-30 that he liked. As we were working out the deal, I reminded him that he could pay cash if he wanted to avoid having a payment. At that point, the salesman told me that they...
  9. $800 Front Axle Replacement

    One possible explanation is that the tech installing the lift didn't understand how the CV axle works. If the tech pulled on the shaft to remove or disengage the axle, he may well have dislodged the bearings in the booted section of the axle. I'm not sure why there would still be vibration after...
  10. Previous thread locked regarding Maverick at MSRP.

    Whether you like it or not, the initial post tied someone paying you to find out where the Maverick is being delivered. Then you walked it back by offering negotiation. That translates to "I need to get paid something for this information, but it may not be $3K". If you actually were willing to...
  11. Sitting on the Dock

    This may have more to do with the railroad company than Ford or the dealer. Part of the recent supply chain disruptions were shortages of available rail cars and train crews, as I recall.
  12. Airbag recall parts now available for unsold Mavericks units with a sales contract

    This makes sense. Dealers who can't deliver newly arrived vehicles can't book the revenue for them and they need to get those sales booked before year-end. I don't mind waiting so that the owners whose trucks are so near, yet so far away can finally enjoy their purchase.
  13. Anybody have any cool vehicles prior to Maverick?

    Define cool. Here are my some of my old rides: Time Machines ( I just noticed the Garage Today link is broken, so here's what's currently in the garage:
  14. Question about financing with new rates

    Maybe this will help you ask the right questions of the dealer or lending institution: Prepayment Penalty On Car Loans: Do I Have To Pay Them?- RateGenius
  15. Why are you buying yours?

    We've always tried to keep a spare vehicle on hand in case we (or one of our kids) need it. When it came time to replace the last one, we decided on the Maverick because the pricing allowed us to have a new spare that was reliable and under warranty. The Maverick ended up becoming my daily...
  16. GF wants me to change the color on my order

    Ignore the relationship advice. No one here knows you, your girlfriend, or the dynamics of your relationship. That last one should define whether you request a color change or not. It just comes down to your priorities and preferences and the extent to which you accommodate each other. I...
  17. First Maverick I’ve seen with dealer discount off msrp

    "Extended inventory" is code for "it's not actually here". If it's a multi-store volume dealer, they may have it at a different location but most likely it's a dealer stock order that hasn't yet come in.
  18. Tonneau Cover Fail

    I was an UnderCover dealer for many years and sold a lot of UltraFlex covers. It was actually our go-to because we rarely had a problem. When we did, the customer service was very good but our status as a dealer sometimes got us a better response than if the customer called in directly. That's...
  19. Below MSRP—Lots of Vehicles at Long McArthur

    The only Maverick showing at MSRP is the one marked "In Transit". One of the remaining two is $5K over MSRP and the other is $7.5K. I'm betting the MSRP one will get marked up when it arrives.
  20. Which auto transport do you use for shipping cars?

    For classic cars, I've used enclosed via InterCity Lines but that's on the expensive end of shipping. I've also used Online Shipping Marketplace ( Post what you are shipping from where to where and you'll get price quotes from transport companies and brokers. You'll also see their...