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  1. VIDEO: Keko Sports Bar - Unbox, Install, Review on Ford Maverick

    I saw one of these Keko Sports Bar (by @Keko Automotive) in person at the SEMA Show earlier this month and just had to try it out. Here is a video of the unboxing, installation walk through and my thoughts on it.
  2. VIDEO: 2022 SEMA Show Custom Ford Maverick Builds

    It took a good week to get this one put together, showcasing the top five custom build Mavericks at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. I reached out to all the builders and some took longer than others to get back with me on information about the builds. A couple of these are by forum members here...
  3. VIDEO: Ford Maverick Accessories at SEMA 2022

    Just got back home from the 2022 SEMA Show and was able to check out a lot of new stuff for the Maverick from DeeZee, our forum sponsor Keko Automotive and several of the brands under the Truck Hero umbrella. The show was huge as usual, plenty to see but a huge hole was left in the middle as...
  4. VIDEO: Unbox, Install, Review SXM Bluetooth Receiver in Maverick

    Full video unboxing, installation and product review on the Bluetooth connecting SXM Roady BT in the Ford Maverick
  5. Grabby Brake Problem on Maverick Hybrid Explained - Video

    Ford has finally acknowledged the braking problems with the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid. This video takes a walk into the issues, what people have been dealing with, why it happens and what Ford has to do about it.
  6. DIY Video: 2.5 Hybrid Maverick Oil Change

    This is certainly not the first oil change video or tutorial out there, but it's my first oil change on our long-term test hybrid along with other major first service maintenance items.
  7. How California Advanced Clean Cars II rules may guarantee a Maverick PHEV very soon [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    With some 17 states likely to follow the new California Advanced Clean Cars II rules just adopted today, some big changes are coming to market. With this many states jumping on board, this will create a critical mass for manufacturers to ramp up electrified versions of current models...
  8. Maverick Hybrid 10K Miles Test Drive Review Update: What’s the Same, What’s New and How It’s Going

    My Area 51 Hybrid XL has finally passed the 10,000 mile mark. Here is a video outlining what's the same, what's new and how it's going.
  9. Video: Technical Deep Dive 2023 Maverick Tremor

    I just dropped my full reveal and technical outline of the upgraded hardware and features of the new 2023 Maverick Tremor
  10. Video: Summer Heat Hybrid MPG Loss Explained

    Like many Maverick Hybrid owners, our truck has seen huge mpg drops from winter and spring to the extreme heat of summer. Ours went from a 47 mpg average to 35 mpg average. This video explains the mechanical and design reasons why it's happening and why not to panic that something is wrong.
  11. Video: Extang Trifecta E-Series Soft Folding Tonneau - Unbox, Install, Review

    I ordered the $319 Extang Trifecta E-Series soft folding tonneau cover to see what the budget end of the scale is like. Seems well made for the money. I like that it requires no modifications or adds to the truck and can be easily removed when you don't want it to be there.
  12. Renailt Oroch compact pickup

    I spotted this Mexico market Renault Oroch today which Nissan could tap as a compact pickup for the US market as they are married in corporate. It is one size class down from Maverick however, and unlikely. I thought it was a cute opportunity for a couple of photos though.
  13. Video: DIY Cargo Box Rail & Anchor System

    This project was based on the Ford DIY video project, but with longer rails and a correction to their mistake...
  14. Factory Drop-In Bedliner DIY Install

    Here is my installation of the Ford Accessories drop-in bedliner step-by-step with a couple of small changes.
  15. Cargo Box Tie-Downs for XL for under $15

    Did a cargo-box tie down install with a set of Keeper 2 3/4” Oval Plate Recessed Anchor (Part #89312) Website article:
  16. 1970s Freewheeling Maverick Makeover

    I just finished my modern day take on the 1978-1981 Ford Freewheeling Package on the 2022 Ford Maverick. The graphic project made with Oracal 951 sign vinyl includes full side graphics, hood applique and grille stripe. The steel wheels were also painted white with black caps. Enjoy (or...
  17. Video: Five key steps for ordering

    We have all found ourselves in this place or considering it - ordering a new vehicle. My experience here has been valuable and this video is for many of you and shares what I learned ordering my own Maverick.
  18. Maverick XL Hybrid 5000 mile review - real world 47 mpg average

    Here is my 5000 mile review on the Maverick XL hybrid I received back in January.
  19. Video: How to install vinyl tailgate lettering

    Just installed the first visual mod on Oso Azul. Here's the resulting how to on installing vinyl lettering kits on the tailgate.....
  20. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    I have about 3,500 miles on my Maverick XL Hybrid and one issue that I have been monitoring is that the brake system seems to be intermittently grabby and abrupt at slow speeds of 0-3 mph. This would be such as when rolling into a parking space or maneuvering a 3-point turn with light to medium...