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  1. Theoretical: Help me choose between a 2023 Maverick on order or a lightly used 2021 F-150

    I have a 2023 Maverick Lariat hybrid on order, lux package, 360 assist package, moon roof, etc. Looks like it will cost around $34,545 in round figures. The catch is that I may not see it for a year or more, and that it is of course less capable than an F-150. In return, it's cheaper to buy...
  2. Can you lock the doors from the outside with a key fob while the truck is running?

    A friend with a Honda dropped by today, and we were chatting about his car. He had to buy an aftermarket security system and fob to be able to lock his doors from the outside while the car was running. The Maverick will allow you to lock the doors with the factory fob in this condition, right...
  3. Moonlander Radica - Can the plastic trim where the bed meets the front be removed?

    I had a short email with Luke from Radica Limited, where I asked how well the Moonlander could work with the Maverick. This was his response: "We are still playing around with how we can get it to fit with the curved part of the Maverick bed frame where it meets the cab. We did some fitment...
  4. How difficult is it to tap turn signals without using trailer connection?

    I don't have my truck yet. Since using the trailer connection disables the blind spot warning system (I wish that was configurable), how difficult is it to tap the turn signals to drive a couple small LED strips for amber turn signals?
  5. Help deciding if it's a good idea to remove the "bed tie down locking rails" and remote start from my order?

    Given that Ford is currently running a 20% off offer n accessories, and given that the above options were split off from the Lariat luxury package likely due to constraints, would it be a smart idea to remove them from my order? Can I get the bed tie down locking rails from Ford, and would they...
  6. Overloaded truck, WTF? Not a Mav, but still.. WTF?

    All that's missing from this is a rocking chair on top with an old woman sitting on it! I really need to know how/why the driver thought that this was even remotely safe for him or anyone on the road, for even a second. This driver also needs to be criminally charged, in my opinion...
  7. Does the lane centering feature operate all the way down to a brief stop and auto-resume?

    I read the appropriate section in the Maverick owner's manual, but it did not answer my question. On a friend's Honda, he told me that the factory steering assist does not operate below 20 MPH, which he hates. Is the Maverick's system more capable?
  8. Need information - In any vehicle, not just a Maverick - What would happen if driver shifted into N while the ABS or VSC was activated?

    Question came up on social media. By "activated" I mean actively intervening in an emergency. I have a feeling that it would deactivate the stability control systems and lead to a crash, but I can't find it addressed in any owner's manuals. My first instinct is that it would violate the "no...
  9. I guess someone got frustrated waiting for their Maverick and did something about it!

    And made their own hybrid hexa-crew cab with a bed.
  10. Is this power flow screen something only the Sync 3 system gets?

    I was watching a TFL video on hybrid towing (impressive to me, considering its limits), and in the process (he started the video in an XL hybrid, then moved to a Lariat hybrid, apparently with a luxury package) he showed a power flow animation on the infotainment. I've only seen that hybrid...
  11. Hybrid vs hybrid - Maverick vs. the F-150.... but only in electric mode!

    TFL did a bit of a jokey "drag" race between the two, but restricted to electric mode. First one whose engine kicked on would have to stop. Guess who won this epic throwdown? (Starts at 6:58)
  12. Is it possble to opt out of some options on a Lariat w/ Luxury package?

    As much as I want the features of the Lariat with the Luxury package, I prefer the XL's cloth seats, interior trim colors, and the bare bed with no bed liner, for example. Is it possible to have things like that deleted at time of order?
  13. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    I'm still trying to decide between trims, and the cost difference between an XL and a Lariat Lux is around $8400 for my option choices, not including taxes. How much do you think that a shop (and what kind of shop?) would charge to install, calibrate, and test the stuff, if I provided parts? A...
  14. Any dealers doing under invoice deals for 2023 orders?

    All the threads I've seen are old ones, for 2022 orders. Considering that various videos are saying that the car market is sliding into a recession (repos way up, etc), I would expect that would translate to better deals for consumers ordering new, at least I hope so. Also, would I need to...
  15. DC to DC converter maximum limit/fuse size/type?

    For the Maverick hybrid, what is the rated (constant, not surge) amperage capacity of the DC to DC converter? What is its fuse size, or is it a fusible link instead?
  16. Answered, thank you! - Help me understand if the Maverick can tow a 1,707 pound trailer.

    As far as I know, the hybrid Maverick has a 1564 pound payload capacity (eSource PDF) and a 2,000 pound towing capacity. I am considering picking up a base XL until the next gen of the Lightning (come on 800V battery system and more payload) But anyhow, does this setup work, or would it be...