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  1. Michigan New/Unopened Carbonized Gray Touch Up Paint (touchupdirect) - $15 ($29/new)

    Sure, $18 total work? i’m out of town until Monday -but can ship tue. can accept PayPal or venmo
  2. Michigan New/Unopened Carbonized Gray Touch Up Paint (touchupdirect) - $15 ($29/new)
  3. Michigan Sold: OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter For sale - Used once! - $40 shipped ($60+ new)

    Used once to install Cruise Control, have since sold the truck. Originally purchased here:
  4. Michigan Sold: XL w/ Forscan Cruise, LineX Bedliner For Sale

    Took a new job that comes with a company car, hate to sell it, but just makes too much sense right now. 7300 miles A few scratches inside, and some scuffs to the rear plastic. Nothing crazy, but worth mentioning. Zero issues so far, had the oil changed around 5,000 miles. Also includes OEM...
  5. Maverick Overland Build w/ Go Fast Camper | Fifteen52 | Toyo AT

    What’s been the impact to mileage? Really stoked to see one of these for the mav…but with just the FWD hybrid I’m not sure it’s quite the right fit for me right now…
  6. Mileage with A/C on

    With the hybrid it’s virtually nonexistent, as long as it’s on 1-2 bars. If it’s cranked more than that I see some reduction.
  7. Tremor Package Appearance photos (on white Maverick)

    I guess if you can squint really hard, you can see it? A lot of the Mav options seem priced pretty fairly, not sure about this one!
  8. Hybrid towing experience

    The key number is the GCWR, which is 6,010 for the Mav Hybrid - that means the total weight of the vehicle, payload, and towing need to be below that. So for the XL, the vehicle weight is 3,636, meaning you have 2,374 to work with. By the letter of the law, if you're towing the full 2k...
  9. PHEV hornet …. Not the hornet you grew up with

    On the escape it’s about +$7K for the PHEV, I’d guess around there.
  10. PHEV hornet …. Not the hornet you grew up with

    I like the look, and that it’s a PHEV, but can’t imagine what it would take to ever buy a Stellantis/fca product…
  11. Good first look (no driving review yet) article on the autopian
  12. Be prepared for 2023 Maverick price increases. 2023 Lightning prices just increased significantly

    just depends on the use case. If towing and/or lots of highway driving is required, it’s not the best option. Just about every other scenario, it’s perfect / more than enough. Payload doesn't seem to have as much of an impact on range.
  13. Hybrid or EB for freeway commute?

    they make all the difference in the world. Bought my first set a few years back for a Volt, and they turned that thing into a winter beast. I was sold.
  14. Tremor snow performance

    Great, just get snow tires
  15. Hybrid or EB for freeway commute?

    I’ve done a handful of ~500 mile trips, mostly highway 70-75mph, and have averaged 35-40mpg. with snow tires it’ll be more than enough for most winter driving (I live in Michigan).
  16. Is Ford is offering any interest rates incentives for financing?

    Shop some local credit unions - YMMV, but there should be rates significantly lower than what Ford is offering.
  17. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    seems like the tremor label is being liberally applied here vs the ranger, but from what I’ve seen of the BS badlands system, it’s pretty impressive. really hoping for some fx4 vs tremor comparisons.
  18. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Tremors and raptors don’t belong in the same sentence. Tremors are a lot closer to FX4‘s with a more rigorously conceived name by marketing.
  19. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Makes sense. This is probably about as much capability as you can give a unibody I guess.