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  1. Scheduling on 12/8/22 For All Production Weeks Through January 30; Same Constraints

    Hope you right as I didn't remove the hitch yet. I really want it and know i could ad the uhaul one for 250 bucks (self install) easy enough. I don't need the 4 pin plug as I want it for ladder type bed extender which I don't need lights. Still debating on if to remove the hitch.
  2. Scheduling on 12/8/22 For All Production Weeks Through January 30; Same Constraints

    Makes me wonder if my new 2023 order (no rollover) for a xlt hybrid i should drop the hitch. On another point I would think changing things on your order could indeed effect your place in line if you AD something but not if you take something off.
  3. Fixed-Point Roof Racks (Yakima Landing Pads, Rails, etc.)

    I have the Yakima BaseLine Towers which they sell the clip kit for the maverick,. I doubt they have one for the old Q towers. sorry. You would have to get the newer Baseline towers too.
  4. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck — Rivian vs Maverick side-by-side look

    I snapped a photo of one about two weeks ago at local cabelas parking lot. I joke oh know hood up broke already. Of course that is the trunk area. plus he had that side hatch open too by rear wheel. Lots of storage space.
  5. Fixed-Point Roof Racks (Yakima Landing Pads, Rails, etc.)

    YIKES $$$$$$ If I get my ordered Mav I am just using my Yakima clip on type round cross bars . All I need is a new clip kit to transfer from other car I have now for about 120 bucks. I cant see spending 1700 for cross bars. Granted much nicer setup than the clip on but holy cow $$$. My plan is...
  6. Questionable dealer tactics, starring Killeen Auto (Killeen, TX)

    How is anyone finding ones on the lot?? The dealer websites are worthless as they show mavericks BUT there already sold ones. Same for places like Cars dot are also worthless. as they list cars already sold. its like the internet for looking for cars is worthless. Are you just calling on the...
  7. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Looks like the bed took the hit . No one back in that location. Thank god. they weren't hurt.
  8. Engine cover installed on Maverick Hybrid Lariat. Part numbers inside

    Thanks looks much neater under hood with cover
  9. Longevity, or First thing TO-DO when received new Maverick!

    The service manual i downloaded off this forum is a pdf file that is 580 meg I cant email it. Can I attache it here? Oh I just went through the manual it doesn't cover the hybrid its the 2 liter one only. So no info on changing the ecvt fluid. I did find a video on a hybrid fusion rather simple...
  10. Longevity, or First thing TO-DO when received new Maverick!

    I had no idea what the heck was a catch can found this video. he seems to think its needed on direct injection engines. Which I guess the Eco is but not hybrid. I don't have a mav yet is there room for a catch can? Now the Ecvt. I did download the service manual that was posted on this forum...
  11. If Interest rates are super high will you take your Mav?

    I figure many here since its a Maverick forum will say yes but still was wondering.
  12. I'm looking for feedback on if I should buy now and trade when my new one comes in?

    I don't know what the OP ended up doing I assume they made there choice already. Get the one you can NOW. There is ONLY a 50 percent chance you getting the 2023 hybrid you ordered. Twice as many hybrid orders as Ford is making. I doubt I get mine but you never know.
  13. Undercoating Tutorial?

    Wow that is a lot of work in the video Stick posted . I was planning on just getting Krown done each year. I doubt its as good as what that guy on video did but that looks likes ton of work.
  14. Suggestions for Trade-in?

    Well if sales tax is 7 percent and dealer trade in offer you say 14 K Then 980 tax saving so if carmax offers 14980 its the same,. So get an offer from carmax then go to dealer see what they offer then if you have time put it up for sale for more than either of those offers and go for the best...
  15. First Maverick with an Electric Exhaust Cutout? [Videos] (EcoBoost)

    What is the Electric Exhaust Cutout. What is being removed and replaced. OH so what I found out googling it its a bypass so exhaust goes around muffler and cat converter? Normally that would lean out the mixture but fuel injection can handle that but I wonder how quickly it can do this...
  16. Giving up hope !!!!

    Shocked the OP lasted even this long. I would be with zero hope of every getting one if I waited that long .
  17. Maverick Deliveries Could Be Affected by Looming Rail Strike Next Month

    I hope there is no strike. if it happens I would be worried about regular every day items being gone.
  18. Electric rear drive for AWD Hybrid?

    If what you say turns out correct WHY bother with the hybrid AWD. It will be so pricey you will never save on enough gas to justify the price increase and just get the regular gas AWD.
  19. Hybrid licencing fee?

    As far as I can tell NY doesn't have an added fee. which I am shocked they don't unless i am wrong. NY has a yearly safety inspection which they record mileage . So they could get miles driven easy enough in NY. Granted it might be out of state driving. Or for me out of country when I go to...
  20. Important info: new updates on Priority 99 Code 2023 Maverick Hybrid orders

    Thanks for info. So for new 2023 orders The Dealer has to redo your contact email or you will no longer get any updates on your order?