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  1. Has anyone replaced their 8" screen? If so, how?

    I like the cubby too, but I think I would like the larger screen more....Probably cuz I like FM radio
  2. What's better - Atlas vs Cactus Gray?

    I actually got HPR last year because I didn't like how bright velocity is... But Atlas is just darker enough so got Atlas this year... Would love a blue halfway between Atlas and Alto!
  3. What's better - Atlas vs Cactus Gray?

    Atlas, no question. Cactus is boring...not a fan of any of the pastels.
  4. Unable to change color due to "Commit run".

    It's to the point where I'm ready to say f it. I like the BAP, just wanted to save the expense.
  5. Unable to change color due to "Commit run".

    I have a similar situation, except my dealer hasn't mentioned any message saying "commit run". He tried to remove the BAP from my order about 6 weeks ago and they have not been able to remove it in their system this entire time. I've had them check it 10 times. I've asked him and this forum with...
  6. Confirmation email error page

    That makes sense and was my only guess. However I was hoping the link might be more up to date at some point if anything changed. For instance, online chat told me I'm ready to be scheduled, so I didn't know if that was the 'scheduled for production' step or not. A bit confusing. Thanks...
  7. Confirmation email error page

    It's anyone else getting a screen like this when they click the "view online" button in their original order confirmation email? Any idea why?
  8. Cyberweek and Black Friday/Cyber Monday From RealTruck

    That's cool. I browsed your site but I have a tonneau cover and wheels that I'm set on for now. Good luck with the sale!
  9. Cyberweek and Black Friday/Cyber Monday From RealTruck

    Sooo tonneau covers and some lighting. I guess most people here already know that? I would have put that in the ad...just sayin
  10. Cyberweek and Black Friday/Cyber Monday From RealTruck

    Don't have a clue what any of those Friday items are 😆. Guess I got to go research your website
  11. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Yes I see them everyday, but I thought all of them were silver. I thought they painted a wheel first, then machined off that thin layer and didn't repaint it. That's the way it read when I Googled definitions for it. So yeah, just a novice when it comes to rims and that was confusing. Now I know...
  12. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Oh I see, you're one of those guys with multiple vehicles and want to make a lot of changes to it. I'm not that. This will be my only vehicle and don't want to do much to it. I enjoy the truck being cheap and don't care to put lots of money into it. I get it though, lots of guys on here like to...
  13. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Thanks! That was the first thing I did. Hated the silver accent bar. Took the Ford pass points and paid for almost all of the accent bar painting. I ordered a '23 Atlas XLT, EB, FWD, CP360, moonroof, BAP. Mostly to cash in on the equity of my '22... But also because I'd rather have blue. I know...
  14. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    I know the obvious difference between tinting and having a blacked out housing, but for the same looks, why spend more money?
  15. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Here's my badges and taillights (I could have put a sticker over the chrome surrounding the badge on the back too but I didn't want to):
  16. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Oh man, if you only want the badges and headlights blacked out, drop the BAP immediately! It was $100 to tint my tail lights and third brake light at a shop, and $30 for two vinyl bad stickers, plus the little one on the steering wheel, which were very easy to put on. So if that's really all you...
  17. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Same here.. No build date. I've been wanting to remove the BAP because I don't think it's worth its value, but it's growing on me. I would save over $1,000 doing things on my own and keeping the carbonized gray wheels, but I really love the BAP interior, so I'm probably going to keep it and make...
  18. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Yes. I don't feel like I'm going to be running my hands over my wheels, so grooves or no grooves I couldn't care less lol. But yeah I just want it to look good and I don't like that silver frontal that a lot of wheels have. I just find it tacky. When I bought my lariat, I immediately got rid of...
  19. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    I asked an 'A or B' question and you said yep... Lol
  20. "Machine-faced" wheels appearance?

    Did that... Here's the pic: That doesn't help because it's not the wheel I'm referring too. The wheel at page 5/6 is the one I'm talking about: Obviously in this picture it is all black, as it is in all pictures I've seen. But again the question is does machine face mean it's going to...