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  1. Which floor mats should I get?

    Seconded. I got the Tuxmats for my Lariat and they are great. fit and finish are perfect, and they look great in the truck.
  2. EARLY ACCESS Black Friday Sale!! 25% OFF Exhaust and Hood Struts by MRT Performance

    Excellent! Stupid question, does Qty 1 of the Strut kit give me 1 or 2 struts?
  3. Hitch step for the Maverick?

    After getting rear-ended 6 days from taking delivery, I went with a "Superbumper". I think they call them "Sparebumper" now. It has thick rubber shock absorbers inside and outside to absorb some of a low speed impact. You can find videos of trucks backing into walls and bouncing off. There...
  4. Holly **** I just got my Truck

    It's almost black in the shade. That caused some confusion at my dealer when mine came in. My Alto blue was in the shade next to an Area 51 Hyrbid. They told the girl to prep the "blue maverick" so I can pick it up and she looked at both and decided the Area 51 was the blue one. I got there...
  5. Buschur's 2.0EB catch can installed

    Yes I believe it is. According to some posts from Buschur, Ford was playing around with holes in the fender wells (changing size or even omitting) so he changed the mounting to the coolant reservoir bracket. It's less tucked away but still a decent spot I think.
  6. Buschur's 2.0EB catch can installed

    I haven't yet. I'll shoot over a quick note. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. EcoBoost Maverick 4K AWD went 500+ Miles on 1 tank using Eco Mode 😁

    Is that possible? I wonder what downside would be. I have an FX4 and I have "Low" instead of ECO.
  8. Velocity Blue XL gets rear ended [video]

    almost exactly what happened to me, except I think the driver that hit me was on their phone and it was a stop sign. Basically the same speed though. Bummer.
  9. Buschur's 2.0EB catch can installed

    I installed the 2.0EB catch can made by Buschur on my Maverick over the weekend. Build quality of the can looks pretty good. I peeked in the fitting and verified some stainless-looking medium inside. I do like the mounting location. I ended up using standard hose clamps as a temporary...
  10. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    That's what I think it's for. My rear-end collision was pretty low speed and most likely (unconfirmed) didn't collapse any of the crumple zone. What it did do was damage the plastic bumper, which will probably need to be replaced at a considerable cost. It also bent the bracket holding the...
  11. And it is finally here!

    Cherish it, love it, enjoy it. Somewhere out there is an idiot with a cell phone on a collision course with your rear end. All joking aside. Looks good!
  12. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    OK now I'm interested in one of these: I wonder if it could have prevented the damage to my bumper and trailer hookup. No idea how the unibody would hold up. Superbumper...
  13. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    I've seen some discussion around the hitch being better/worse in a rear-ender. Seems like all the energy would transfer right into the receiver and then unibody in turn. To your point though, maybe in a low speed collision the hitch would help keep the offending car "off" the back bumper. The...
  14. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    I've been told the brakelights are nice and bright. I had my brakes on too, didn't help when she was looking down.
  15. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    I think it's confirmation bias, but I am now a statistic that fuels that very bias, haha. My wife looked at me funny when I took my dash cam with me to pick up my Maverick from the dealer. She thought I should just install it when I got home. I said "no way, I've seen too many smashed up...
  16. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    It wasn't actively raining at the time, but it would have happened dry too, she just wasn't paying attention I think. I heard screeching tires right before impact so I think she looked up at the last second from whatever she was doing and slammed on the brakes.
  17. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    Yes I consider myself lucky in that regard. I've seen people upside down on the freeway and I'm glad it wasn't like that. I was babying it during break-in period so much that the impact felt a lot worse than it looks to be (fingers crossed).
  18. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    I've noticed a definite decline in driving ability where I live over the last few years. People are doing some crazy sh*t lately. I watched 3 cars in a row pass a truck over double yellow blind turns and blow through stop signs while doing it. I've also started to see more and more "red...
  19. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    HAHA that is an excellent point! I was on the short "city" route during my commute home. This is definitly more evidence that city driving has increased accident risk (no idea if that's actually true).
  20. 6 days of ownership and I get rear ended.

    That's my fear (hopefully unfounded). I'm going to have it closely inspected because I don't want any doubt about it's integrity after the accident. I want to be fully confident when I tow in the future.