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  1. First Parking Kiss... argh

    I'm so paranoid about these parking lot hits that I park as far away as possible. Figure the walk and exercise will do me good in the long run. Have an 18 year old Excursion and no door dings or parking lot damage. Knock on wood.
  2. Just Sold my old car on Autonation

    I'm currently in the process of selling my wifes car as we plan to take delivery of her new one in late December. I got estimates from 11,500 up to 17K for the same car from those sources already mentioned. Decided to list with a local consignment dealer for a few thousand more. Will see how...
  3. It's December, Countdown to the 1st 2023 Maverick Delivery!!! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner....

    Don't feel bad. My wifes new car ordered July 15th landed in the Tacoma port on Nov 12th. It has been sitting there ever since. Dealer said it was released from processing a week ago but it still has not been loaded by Tacoma Rail or BNSF. It was built on Oct 19th. The wait for her has been...
  4. Look what I got today!!!! 🪟 sticker

    I'll get more excited when I hear from some 2023 hybrid orders being received.
  5. WeatherTech Passenger Floor Liner - One Hold Point or Two?

    @Azolyn Nice looking mats.
  6. If Interest rates are super high will you take your Mav?

    My son is still building his credit score. But he managed to get 3.9 % for 60 months from Ford Credit on his new 2022 Maverick XLT AWD a couple of weeks ago with 3k down. He paid MSRP.
  7. 2023 vs 2022 Build Quality

    I watched the factory tour build videos for the Mexico plant. Much of the work is done by robots. I was pretty impressed with the build quality of my sons late August 2022 XLT. He is having a blast with it.
  8. Remaining Unscheduled MY2023 Maverick Orders = 77,800. List of Current Constraints

    We had a deposit down for a rav4 prime. When it went up to a 2 year wait plus a 10K plus dealer markup we bailed for a 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Ordered in July due to pickup early next month. It's in port and should be on the train headed to dealer next week.
  9. Maverick Deliveries Could Be Affected by Looming Rail Strike Next Month

    I have been watching this to. My wife has a new car that arrived in the port of Tacoma on Nov 12th. Were waiting for the port options to be installed so it can be rail loaded. Then it has a 2500 mile trip to the rail yard closest to the dealer. Fingers crossed we don't get caught up in this mess.
  10. Tracking Maverick 2023 Deliveries?

    So his there a place on this forum to track actual 2023 deliveries? Will be exciting to see those posted as they come rolling in.
  11. New Scout EV Pickup & SUV site is live!

    I have two hybrids and a PHEV. But will not be purchasing an EV. Don't have the patience for dealing with all the EV grid and charging issues.
  12. New Scout EV Pickup & SUV site is live!

    Lets also not forget about their infamous emissions cheating and lying scandle. They lost my trust years ago.
  13. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    We ordered the Maverick hybrid as it can be flat towed. You can't do that with a Santa Cruz. Probably does not matter to those who don't have a motorhome.
  14. FORScan 101 - Step-by-Step How to Start Guide

    For those of you who have successfully registered for an account on Forscan. I keep getting a prompt after entering the required fields that I have not answered the question. I don't see a question field to fill in. Any suggestions?
  15. Got me a 22 Eco, doubtful will see my 23 hybrid Lariat order

    Well my son took delivery today of his Velocity Blue 2022 Maverick XLT with AWD, 4K tow and FX4 off road package. First time of actually seeing one in person. After looking it over and taking it for a test drive I have to say Ford did a fine job on that truck. Its a solid capable little truck...
  16. Question about build date and delivery

    @fossil Thank you. I looked up the stop ship for that recall and that makes perfect sense. Anything built after July 9th was held for the updated airbag modules.
  17. Question about build date and delivery

    A dealer called my son yesterday about a 22 Mav xlt that had "just come off the truck" When I look at the build date on the windows sticker it shows 08 23 22 in the same field as the Special order number at the bottom of the sticker. Am I reading this correctly? Does it really take that long...
  18. Got me a 22 Eco, doubtful will see my 23 hybrid Lariat order

    Thank you, I know he's pretty excited. His current car is pretty unreliable. I have a 2023 Hybrid Lariat on order. But he beat me to the punch.
  19. Got me a 22 Eco, doubtful will see my 23 hybrid Lariat order

    My son has been searching for a few weeks for an XLT Maverick with ecoboost and AWD. Left his name and contact info with a few dealers. Well he got a call today that a new fresh off the truck 22 Velocity Blue ECO with AWD, 4K tow package and FX4 package had just arrived at a dealership. He picks...
  20. Ford Ranked 18th In 2022 Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

    I used to be an avid Consumer Reports subscriber. But over the years after purchasing many of their top rated products, that just fell apart or broke shortly after purchase, I dropped them like a hot potato. Their surveys are about as reliable as election polls.