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  1. Off road ground clearance

    Do you happen to remember what the part number was or what it was called for the underbody felt liners? Also, do you happen to know the part number for the little air vent for the PTU? Pretty much tore up both the drivers side front and mid section for the liners as well as I believe tearing off...
  2. FX4 engine bash cover PTU vent

    Anyone know what the part number is or what it’s actually called for the plastic vent that is supposed to direct air to the PTU? Need a replacement as mine must have gotten caught on something and got broken off…. Also the “felt” liners for the drivers side if anyone has the part numbers for...
  3. Cutting corners

    Coated for shipping, not for longevity…that coat is long gone the first time you use the brakes…. Just let any vehicle sit for a few days and get exposed to any moisture in the air and aside from something with high end rotors made out of carbon and they will start rusting
  4. My tailpipe looks like it was patched

    Just for comparison to earlier builds, fast forward to the 0:47 mark in the video for a shot of the older exhaust setup: Compared to pictures I took tonight:
  5. New software update?

    Pretty much the consensus I’ve gotten through reading through the forums is that the 2.0 software ended up fixing a good amount of things for quite a few people
  6. New software update?

    I mean if the system wasn’t freezing with the software that came with it I would agree, but I’ve never updated it since I got it and it’s freezing
  7. 3 issues in 3 days

    You’re not alone on the speakers popping and then music cuts out and come back, ecoboost here and my radio does the same thing, was more frequent when my maverick was new, but now after a couple thousand miles it has been doing it a lot less, still gonna get it checked out, but I know your...
  8. My tailpipe looks like it was patched

    Is the muffler further up towards the middle of the maverick then?
  9. My tailpipe looks like it was patched

    I stand corrected, was looking at the exhaust on my maverick out of curiosity from this thread tonight and low and behold, mine has the same patch as well with no traditional muffler like the earlier Mavericks, I’m wondering if this will actually be a good thing though as I seem to remember a...
  10. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Just saying, outside of price…. There’s no comparison to be made
  11. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    City truck does not equate to compact sedan though, still an Apple to oranges comparison…. Ford themselves never marketed as such as far as I remember, the first comparison I ever saw made to that was a review by a third party, even at that those reviews basically paint a picture of ford’s...
  12. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Exactly why I had mine built the way I did and kept it under the $30k mark, selected what I thought were essential things for what I was planning on doing with my maverick and leaving out luxury items as I have other vehicles that are more luxury oriented…. That’s one thing I’ve never understood...
  13. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Not really worried about any of those things you mentioned…. My 96 civic also has openings that go through from the doors to the engine bay and while things do get stuck in there, I’ve never had an issue with corrosion of any sort and I believe the same will hold true for the maverick…. As far...
  14. New software update?

    Update: well, finally happened and the system froze on me, interesting thing to note was that when mine did finally freeze, when I went to go do the soft reset I could feel some heat coming off the screen area almost as if the thing had overheated and might have caused the freezing
  15. Fix for Broken Sunglasses Holder ?

    Thinking its supply chain issues in your case cause I know mine does have the sunglasses holder and it was one of the things that malfunctioned when I was going through pre delivery inspection with the dealer and they made note of it and ordered the assembly right away…. In my case the issue was...
  16. My tailpipe looks like it was patched

    Somebody definitely done goofed up on the assembly line, looks more like a cut out than a patch, would definitely bring to dealers and ford’s attention though….i know for sure my EB doesn’t have something like that on the tailpipe
  17. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Did a little soft roasting this passed Sunday and took the maverick down chain of craters trail out to the big lava tubes here in New Mexico, little bit of rocky terrain and a little bit of mud and ruts going down the trail, but the maverick didn’t miss a beat and just went through it like it...
  18. Maverick FX4 Snow-Wheeling Review

    Yeah, was a tiny bit disappointed they didn’t at least offer the option to completely disable all the traction control nannies, but hey, maybe forscan can rectify that? I will say I have run into an off road situation where at least on the stock Pirelli tires I couldn’t get up something and that...
  19. Maverick FX4 Snow-Wheeling Review

    Almost same options as you on my maverick and experience was pretty much same when it came to the snow, have a mountain road nearby that goes up to over 10,000 feet elevation and at the very top is a steep incline that takes you up to a parking area, this usually doesn’t get plowed so there’s a...
  20. New software update?

    Oh there’s definitely a few minor bugs still with the 1.9 software build, so far have had the system clock freeze on me and every once in a while while music is playing I’ll get kind of like a popping sound followed by the music stopping for a second and then continuing to play after that...