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  1. First Parking Kiss... argh

    Man, that parking job isn't even close to ANY lines. I love how people can just get out and walk right in for breakfast.
  2. Go Frogs!

    And now I know what a horned frog, toad, lizard is and how they became the mascot for TCU. Thanks Mamboman!
  3. Maverick XLT Hybrid dead battery issue

    @KevCuRaoi Ford should be paying you a little extra for all the helpful info you give the members.👏 Go Bengals on January 2nd :)
  4. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Why do other cars hate the rear end of these Mavericks. :) Glad everyone is ok and good score on the MSRP Maverick!
  5. Look what I got today!!!! 🪟 sticker

    I wonder if that is because he ordered 4k tow FX4 with the higher rear gear.
  6. Tremor Ordered 9/17 In Production!

    That is one loaded up sticker! Go big or go home, OP went BIG!
  7. Maverick Scheduling Week of 12/01/22: All of January

    Hopefully the secondary market will see the need and come up with a reasonable hitch/harness.
  8. Maverick Scheduling Week of 12/01/22: All of January

    True @commadorebob, take a look around and see how many small SUV's have a hitch. I am sure there are some, but 100% not likely. I just wish Ford would have prewired the harness for at least the 4pin so install could be a DIY if you were to buy the hitch after the fact.
  9. Maverick Hybrid EGR valve unit failed at 400 miles, need a whole new exhaust system that backordered with ETA.

    could it be that the Catalytic converter is junk due to all the coolant dumped into the exhaust, requiring total exhaust replacement?
  10. Recalls: Ford vs Other Manufacturers

    I noticed there is no representation from Honda, and who is Forest River Inc.? I just googled Forest River, seems to be an RV manufacturer.
  11. 3 issues in 3 days

    Every Time?
  12. 460 days and I finally got my truck!

    Welcome to the MOG, enjoy your Alto Blue XLT!
  13. ARE Topper / Cap Installed on Maverick XLT

    Nice, and yes not Grandpa looking! Good looking cap.
  14. Amazon console tray fits nice

    It is one of the best mods I bought. Lots of storage with three levels to stash stuff.
  15. Well, I got one

    Welcome to the MOG, Enjoy your new Mav!!
  16. I Got My Maverick!!!

    That is a painfully long wait. Welcome to the MOG. Enjoy your new ride!
  17. Finally got it! Initial 4-hour drive home in Maverick XLT Hybrid review

    Welcome to the MOG, enjoy your new Maverick (I like the color too)
  18. fender bender

    Ask them if you can keep the old bumper, may come in handy some day :)