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  1. Ford Video Guy Livestream Episode 68: All the Facts About Ford's Transition Private Offers

    I've talked about this information before but I'm getting a ton of questions about it via email and on here so I thought I would cover everything I know about it. Who qualifies for the private offer. How to find out if your private offer is showing up. If it isn't what your dealer needs to do...
  2. Airbag recall parts now available for unsold Mavericks units with a sales contract

    I have heard that those that have a Maverick at their dealership waiting on the airbag recall to take delivery, those parts can now be ordered for unsold units with a sales contract. I attached the parts needing ordered. They can be ordered today.
  3. 2022MY Canceled Orders Transition is Happening Today

    The transition for the canceled orders is happening today. I'm thinking it will probably be active in WBDO sometime after 5pm ET today.
  4. Episode 62: Will Your Scheduled 2022 Ford Maverick Get Canceled or Built?

    Those questions and more on tonight's livestream. Don't miss it tonight.
  5. 10/6/22 Scheduling Canceled

    Maverick scheduling has been canceled for today. Not sure, I can't find my email from the Brand Manager but all of my orders are not longer previewing so I'd say not at all this week.
  6. 2023 FORD MAVERICK XLT Complete Guide

    Ford those that have a 2023 order in and want to make some changes. Currently, the only thing that is locked in, is the engine, everything else can be updated.
  7. Episode 59: Now That Your 2023 Order Is In, What's Next?

    Join us as we talk about the next step in the process and what changes can be made to your order.
  8. Ordering info for Atlas Blue and Tremor Package (as of 9/17/22)

    Sorry for ignoring messages and mentions but I've had my nose deep in WBDO for the past 2.5 days helping or customers submit orders. We have submitted over 600 orders so far in 2 days. Below is a couple things I noticed and if someone already posted then Admin please remove. Couple things I...
  9. Episode 57: 2023 Ford Maverick and Bronco Order Conversion Process

    I will go over all the information we have on the Maverick ordering, 22MYCO, new 2023 Orders, changes we know on the 23MY.
  10. 2023 Maverick Transition Private Offer Amounts = Hybrid $2750 / Ecoboost $1750

    The information about the private offer amounts is out. By the way, they are not valid with a 2023 Maverick Tremor. Also, these are going out to those with an Unscheduled 2022 order with COVP approval. Hybrid $2750 Ecoboost $1750 They also mentioned that the 2023 replacement order must be...
  11. Episode 56: What Will Dealer Stock Inventory Look Like in 2023?

    We had 15 Mavericks schedule today, I'll probably discuss that some as well.